Book Review - All I'll Ever Need

Hey all! Here is that review for the book I used last Friday during the Book Beginnings. If you didn't read it, you can go here and check it out. While it had a compelling beginning and I enjoyed the mystry and suspense, I advise this book for mature readers only. I hope I explain more fully in my review below. :-)

In order for Claire to have a future
She first must unravel her past.
The grueling past months finally seem about to blossom into a happy future together for Dr. Claire McCall and her fiance, John Cerelli. But their wedding plans are interrupted by circumstances so devastating they threaten everything Claire holds dear: her medical career, her relationship with John, and quite possibly her freedom.
Working through the turmoil caused by a near rape, Claire has sought a counselor to help her untangle her emotions. What the counselor uncovers is shattering, but things are about to get worse. The man who assaulted her escapes from jail - and then, to top it off, Claire is accused of euthanizing a terminally ill patient.
But the next death is the one that could shake Claire's world to its foundation.
How can so much be happening so fast - unless someone is choreographing this lethal nightmare? Nothing may be as it seems. Not the present. And not the past that Claire must unravel if she and john are ever to enjoy a "happily ever after".




Overall Opinion:

First time I have picked up a book by this author, and I thought it would be neat to read a story of a doctor written by a doctor. I wasn’t disappointed. All I’ll Ever Need is the third book in this series, but I was able to jump into the story with relatively ease. There were a lot of characters in the beginning, but I kept pushing through and soon everything fell into place and I was able to ‘connect all the dots’.

I wasn’t expecting this book to be such a suspenseful mystery, but it was. When I hit the halfway mark on the book, I could not put it down! The complexity of the plot was amazing! Kudos to Harry for thinking of this and tweaking out every detail so that, at the end – when you don’t think the situation can ever be resolved – everything gets worked out perfectly. The storyline was very gripping!

Claire and her family have had such a difficult life – I couldn’t help feel sorry for them. And to know that you have the gene that could give you a deadly disease later on in life…that’s sobering. I connected with her really well, and was sad to leave her and her new husband when the story ended. John, her fiancĂ© was also a great guy. He was so sweet and understanding toward Claire in everything – and faithful, even when he was getting hit on by a younger, prettier woman. Though, I must admit, I wanted to knock his block off sometimes when he put up with the flirting instead of simply showing that girl straight out the door! lol, I wanted to yell at him, “You know you’re setting yourself up for trouble!”

When Claire is arrested and put in prison, I really felt her pain. How awful it must be to not understand why you are even being held, not be able to see your husband or family, and not be able to help yourself get out of prison. I think I’d go crazy! I kept rooting for John, anticipating him figuring out the mystery so he could get his wife out of there. And when he finally made the connection, I held my breath when he was attacked. Yes, like I said, it was a very suspenseful read!

There are several cautions I must give on this read. I wouldn’t recommend this book for younger readers. Claire is nearly raped in her bed in the previous book, and she deals with many things in All I’ll Ever Need connected with the attempted rape. She remembers being molested as a teenager after she got drunk one night. Nothing too graphic, but she mentions being inappropriately touched and her clothes pulled off. Two different couples in this book deal with past affairs they had, though nothing is explained except that it happened in the past. As I mentioned above, there is a flirt who wants John’s attentions and she goes to great lengths to try to pull him away from Claire. She goes so far as to even make it look like John was trying to molest her in hopes that Claire would dump him. Lastly, I did catch one bad word in this book, if I remember correctly.

With all that said, I still think it was a really neat, suspenseful mystery that kept me guessing. I was able to figure out who it was a little while before the characters, and it made me antsy as I waited for them to make the connects as well. (I guess it helps when you are able to read different scenes from different characters. lol) The ending was all I could have hoped for. It was perfect. :-)


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