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Overall Opinion:

A Crown in the Stars is the third book in the Genesis Trilogy by Kacy Barnett-Gramckow, and once again Gramckow has astounded me. Written from the view point of a follower of God and a descendant of Noah's comes the story of the Tower of Babel. Beautifully penned and vastly gripping, I felt myself being whisked into Shoshannah's life. I didn't have a hard time burying myself within the pages of this incredible book. I did find that the first one remains my favorite, but Gramckow didn't disappoint with this novel.

Shoshannah was an great character who was sensible, caring, and selfless. I found her to be a lot like her mom, Keren, who was forced into the same city in the previous books and held hostage there. Shoshannah's faith stood strong during all of her trials and having to deal with Keren's sister, now queen of the Great City, and her selfish personality and whims. I felt bad for her as she was torn away from her betrothed, Kaleb. Shoshannah was a great example of strength and how to handle hard times.

Kaleb was, to put it mildly, awesome. It took me a little while to come to really like him, but by the middle of the book I loved him. He reminded me of a friend of mine and made me laugh. He was so protective and would do anything to keep Shoshannah from harm- something that I really admire and find sweet in a man! He was courageous and didn't care about his own safety as long as his girl was safe. He was so awesome and I don't think anyone could dislike Kaleb after completing this book.

I only had one small problem with the story, which was actually just a personal preference - I really liked Adoniyram and was extremely disappointed with how his story ended. I won't say how as I don't want to give anything in the book away, but I must say I was hoping for more. Though he was on the wrong side of the fence, I really enjoyed his character and wanted him to come around. But, you will just have to read the story yourself and come to your own conclusion about Adoniyram's character. :)

As for content, there are a few minor things. Adoniyram is the son of whoever Sharah had an affair with in the previous book, and that is mentioned a bit. Nothing is in detail at all but it is known and discussed that Adoniyram was born though scandal. Another thing is that one of the men notice how indecent the women are dressed in the Great City. It doesn't explain it too much and didn't make me uncomfortable at all, but it does mention that they are inappropriately dressed, but is also frowned upon majorly by the person who notices it. Other than that, just keep in mind that there is a bit of romance in this book but everything was kept clean.

A Crown In The Stars was an excellent book that I will definitely be keeping forever. I highly recommend this book, but I suggest you read the other two in the series first. I read the first two a few months ago and still had a little trouble remembering everything!

Purchase A Crown in the Stars - You won't regret it!


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