Book Review - He Who Lifts The Skies

Overall Opinion:

He Who Lifts The Skies was an amazing book that captured my attention immediately. The second book in Kacy Barnett-Gramckow's Genesis Trilogy was very well researched and written. Gramckow did an amazing job at portraying people's lifestyle, culture, mindsets, etc. back then.

Kacy's characters are always very well laid out and described. I loved Keren and her personality, and Zekaryah and his mysteriousness.

I felt my heart strings pull as I watched numerous unfortunate circumstances befall Keren. She is first kidnapped and then had to watch as her own sister commit terrible sins and leave her own husband and son behind to marry a king who's ways were displeasing to God. Then being taken to a city where evil manifests itself and, to make things worse, any man she touches being sentenced to must have been very hard for Keren, and I felt her despair. Still, I was amazed at how she handled it - with courage and faith that only God could bestow. She set a great example.

Zekaryah was awesome. Period. I was intrigued by him from the very first mention of his name - literally. I was wanting to know more and more about this mysterious and quiet character. Gramckow did an excellent job with Zekaryah's character and I instantly fell in love with the bad guy who longed to be good. The fact that he manages to protect Keren without touching her was really awesome and it made the ending all the more amazing! I loved Zekaryah's protective attitude. :-)

There are a few things to caution. Sharah is an adulterer. She leaves behind her husband and son to marry a pagan king. She also at the end of the story has an affair with another man aside from whom she's married to. Nothing is descriptive, just made known. Zekaryah and Keren also kiss pretty passionately at the end, but it was nothing that made me uncomfortable. It may be a little much for young readers, though.

All being said, this is a fantastic book that I highly suggest you read! I would recommend reading The Heaven's Before, the first in Gramckow's series, first as there is a lot you would be able to understand more if you have that for a background. Purchase He Who Lifts The Skies here - you won't regret it!


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