Book Discussion - Head In The Clouds

I read Head In The Clouds recently and absolutely LOVED it! I couldn't think of a better book to do my book discussion on this week.

Adelaide's biggest worry was doing something hastily and not having God's approval. This was SUCH an excellent model for what we should do! With today's busy lifestyle, many people don't think much about their decisions before making them. I, myself, do this often. Once I get an idea I just want to grab a hold of it and watch it take flight 5 minutes later. While for some things this a good way to go, for major decisions praying is a very wise decision. 

Witemeyer is creative and uses the cloud that hovered over the Tabernacle and led the Israelites in the dessert as an illustration. I found this brilliant and absolutely loved it. It set a great example. In Numbers, The cloud regulated all the movements of the Children of Israel. At the command of the Lord, the Children of Israel journeyed, and at the command of the Lord they pitched the Tabernacle - all shown by where the cloud moved and stopped. When Adelaide kept that mindset - the mindset of God directing all of her movements - it really was a great example.

Waiting for God's approval is a good thing. A great thing, in fact. You can never make a mistake when praying about something. Sometimes God says no, sometimes He says "Yes", sometimes He says "Not yet", and sometimes He says "What kind of an idea is that?!". :P
God's timing is perfect. If you wait on His "go", you can't go wrong. :-)


Carman said...

Loved the insights! :D And the book. I thought this was great, and look forward to more from the author!

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