Book Review - In the Shadow of Evil

Informed by the real-life fallout of the U.S. economy and devastation caused by multiple hurricanes along the southern coast, In the Shadow of Evil tells a modern day story involving the exposure of a building rebound scam. Amidst the layers of unethical practices, supply shortages, and excess murders, a top Louisiana homicide detective loses his heart to a charitable contractor while uncovering a secret about his tragic past.




Overall Opinion:


Coming home from a wonderful evening with your girlfriend to find the mother you adore had been stabbed is devastating. And that’s only the beginning to this rollercoaster ride. Filled with suspense, mystery, adventure, and even romance, In the Shadow of Evil grabbed my attention from the very get-go.

This adventure was beautifully written. This is the first time I have read a book by Robin Caroll – and it won’t be my last. Her writing captivates the reader, taking them inside the character’s head. The way it was written made it such a personal read – so much more impacting. I loved every minute I spent in this book.

The message in this story was clear – it’s on forgiveness. Forgiving people who have wronged you in the past. It’s much easier to say than do in many instances. Maddox and Layla both had to learn to forgive those who had hurt them. And in doing so, they discovered a wonderful peace and close relationship with God that they didn’t have before.

The mystery was great! The few scenes of “him” made me so curious to discover who “he” was! Little clues are dropped along the way, feeding the ‘sleuth-wannabe’ side of me. At the end, when things began coming to light, I was really impressed with the detail of the mystery. How clever “he” was – though he was no match for Maddox and Layla.

The story between Maddox and Layla was sweet. Maddox begins as a man who doesn’t ever want to be tied down to just one woman. Until he meets Layla. She stops him almost dead in his tracks with her winsome ways and strong faith in God. I loved their first encounter – how Layla reacted to Maddox hard stare was exactly what I would have done! There was nothing inappropriate about their love story that I need point out, besides a few kisses towards the end. Only thing is once a female character is refered to as 'hot' and 'sexy'.

There is a murder involved, but nothing that I found very gruesome. At the very end, the book suddenly took a turn that left me reeling just a bit. It didn’t ruin the book for me, just was a curveball I had not seen coming. At all! But it wrapped up the story very well! I recommend this book to any mystery lovers out there who have been looking for a elaborate mystery to figure out!


Isaacpermann said...

Hmmm... 5 stars... A good mystery... A end that left the reader reeling just a bit... A story that grabbed the readers attention from the get-go... beautifully written... sounds good... Should maybe check it out...

OK, I am on a random commenting spurt... (as you can tell)


P.S. Oh, unless you don't want to tell... What did Layla do when Maddox gave her a hard stare??

Katie Marie said...

lol! Yes, it was certainly a good book! I was kept guessing who the "bad guy" was the whole time. :-)

lol, you're fine! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Oh, yes, I can tell you! :-) She wouldn't break eyecontact with him. lol! he was the first to loose the "staring contest". It was something I would be tempted to do! :-P

~ Katy

Isaacpermann said...

Haha... a smart one Layla was... lol

Katie Marie said...

lol, yes! I have to agree! ;-)

Hey, since you like books, might be interested in a giveaway going on over at my blog. It's the first book in a new YA series by Lisa Bergren. The series looks really good! You can read the interview for more information on the first book as well as the next two books coming out in the series. :-)

~ Katy

Isaacpermann said...

Hmmm...I'll have to check on that!

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