Book Review - Making Waves

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It's 1895, and spunky Marguerite Westing is thrilled to discover that her family will summer at Lake Manawa! Escaping her boring suitor, Roger, Marguerite stumbles upon two new loves---sailing and her instructor, Trip. But when her father's gambling threatens to ruin them all, will she marry Roger to save her family's name and fortune?

Making Waves is a unique story about a young woman named Marguerite Westing who's only desire is to have a little fun instead of being cooped up all day doing what a proper lady should - sewing, gossiping, and sipping tea. When her father sets up a summer vacation on lake Manawa, it seems to Marguerite that her dream is coming true. She gets to escape the pursuit of boring Robert, the man her mother wishes her to marry, and have fu
n on the lake at the same time. But when she arrives at the lake, she discovers a new passion - sailing. Women are normally not permitted on boats, so Marguerite must find another way to learn to sail which involves sneakery and deceiving her mother, suitor, and the sailing instructor she is quickly falling for, Trip Andrews.
But when worst comes to worst, she learns of a terrible family secret, and Marguerite's world tumbles out of control. Will she be forced to marry Roger, the very man she has such distaste for, or will she be able to follow her heart and marry the man who shares so much in common with her?

This book was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a few minorly suggestive things in it, but nothing that kept me from reading it, or even close! All in all, it was a very good book with a great lesson in being honest, and the consequences of lying. I also liked how in the beginning Marguerite tried to use the fact the God was okay with her lying since He understood why she was doing it, and by the end that was proven very untrue.

I really enjoyed the book and highly encourage you to read it. It was a great story! :-D Purchase Making Waves for just $10 here

Book Discussion - Tahn, Part 2

Here's the second part to our book discussion of Tahn, by L. A. Kelly. I had a blast thinking of questions! Maybe soon I will write a book dicussion for the other two books in this series Return to Alastair and The Scarlet Trefoil!! ;-) They were just as good as the first! An amazing series!!

1) Jarel was the hardest on Tahn after his recover, both because he distrusted him and because he wanted to see what he was made of. He wanted to hate Tahn, as the one who had destroyed his family, his life, and his home. But in the end, understanding and respect is all that he could feel toward Tahn, who continually showed himself worthy. Would it be difficult for you to so completely forgive someone so closely tied to your family's murder?

Netta and Jarel both had a difficult struggle - to learn to forgive. For Netta, who had spent time and learned to see through Tahn's thick outer shell and into who he really was, forgiving Tahn was easier -though still painful. But for Jarel, he had little to no contact with Tahn except to know he was closely tied to his parents and brothers murders. He spent days and weeks brooding over this. But in the end, with the Lord's help, he was able to see the good that Netta saw in Tahn as well. How difficult this must have been for Jarel! But with the Lord, all things are possible - even the forgiving of a murderer.

2) Samis got his men addicted to opium, therefore making them dependent on it - and him, since he supplied it to them. Even thought Vari was away from Valhal and the evil man there, Samis still had a hold on him through the opium. It wasn't until Vari accepted the sweet assurance of Jesus Christ's redemptive blood that he was able to have the courage to stop taking the opium. This is just the way the devil works in our lives - even the small things you might be addicted to, the devil can use this to sidetrack you from what the Lord would have you do, or it could make you neglect other responsibilities. Have you ever had an addiction to something that caused you to shirk your walk with the Lord?

I think everyone has addictions - in some form or another. For me, it's often technology - texting with my friends, replying to emails, or working on a future post for me blog. Even though these all are not bad in and of themselves - to abuse them and neglect things IS bad. I have learned to set aside my phone when other things need to be done - and I've learned to text faster so I don't spend as much time replying! ;-) lol But whatever the reason, learning to manage your time and not to become addicted to something, is so important - especially in your home!

3) In the end, when Netta showed how completely she trusted Tahn, he still couldn't believe that he could be the cause of someones joy. But through Netta's gentle patience and continually pointing him to the Lord, he was able to see that Netta was there for him - and that she was within his reach. Have you ever had to minister to someone in this way? To show them that even if they didn't think themselves worthy - Christ saw them worthy, and so do you.
I can't say that I have, in the way Netta was able to. Netta's circumstance was unique and was certainly commendable. I loved the examples she showed Tahn when he continued to doubt - they are SO true and SO simple! Tahn's journey toward redemption and forgiveness was one of the most touching stories I have ever read - and I won't soon forget it!!

 ~ Katy

Ponderin' The Past....With The Amish, part 1 - The Origins

I've read a lot of Amish books and recently let Katy borrow a few and we became very interested in learning about the Amish culture. It made us curious as to where the came from and what their background is, so I thought it would be the perfect history post for today. But since the Amish culture is such a fascinating and curious subject, I decided to stretch this subject into several posts. So, this post I will discuss the origins of the Amish, in the next I will discuss the Religion, and in the last I will discuss the Lifestyle. :-)

The Amish originated in Switzerland in around 1525. They are said to have broken off from the Mennonites and are direct descendants of the Ana-Baptists. They didn't like the church and state unionizing and disagreed with infant baptism. They baptized their members when they were about the age of eighteen. In that time it was a crime to baptize adults, and the Amish knew many hardships in that time. They were brutally murdered, sacked and tossed into rivers. They were nearly extinct, but a man named William Penn offered them a free place to worship and live as they chose in America. Since then, the Amish have flourished in many places in America.

There were a few problems later when people realized that the Amish only send their kids to school until 8th grade, but the Supreme Court in the Wisconsin vs. Yoder case ruled that it was unconstitutional for the Amish to be forced to put their kids in highschool, therefore the practice stayed the same and the community went back to normal, much to the relief of the Amish.

The Amish live in nineteen of our states, Canada, and Central America. But astoundingly, 80% of them live in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. The Old Order Amish got their name from an early Swiss Anabaptist, Jacob Amman who was the first Bishop and taught them what is now known as the Amish religion(I will go into what this is in part 2)

Well, there is part 1! If you have any questions about the Amish, be sure to comment and ask! I've done a lot of research on the Amish and enjoy the subject! :-) Tune in in two weeks for my next post about the Amish community!
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Book Discussion - Tahn, Part 1

For this week's discussion, I'm using one of my top favorite books, Tahn!! :-D There are a lot of great discussion question in this book, so it will be hard to only pick a handful of them, but I will give it my best shot! ;-)





Overall Impression:

5 big stars goes to this book - and it earned each and every one of them!! It was such a great book filled with a variety of different things; suspense, action/adventure, redemption, and just the perfect dash of innocent love. It can all be found in these pages! It's like Jason Bourne and Beauty and the Beast intertwined for one wonderful story that you will never forget! This book is definitely a keeper - I've already read through it from cover to cover 3 times! :-)

The story of Tahn's past is touching and heart wrenching; you can't help but want to touch his life in some special way, as Netta discovered. She found it easy to forgive someone who was so entirely selfless in every way of his life - always thinking of the others...the children...the lady. He knew he had hurt her life terribly, and never expected her to understand, yet that did not stop him from saving her life and keeping her safe while the dangers from Samis and the Baron Trent.

Reading his journey towards finding forgiveness in the Lord was so touching and special. Tahn felt himself so great a sinner, that I almost wanted to be beside Netta as she encouraged him and showed him how the Lord loves him because he is washed in Christ's blood, and the Lord only sees him as a spotless lamb through His son.

To sum it up, Tahn is a treasure to keep, and if you don't own it yet - go purchase it now! You can finite HERE for under $1.99 used; it is worth every penny! I highly recommend it to any person who enjoys a good medieval story that leave you with a lasting impression.


1) When Tahn had gotten the children safely out of Valhal, and even though he was safely in the clear, he turned back to rescue Vari, who had been sentenced to 'the wheel'. Would you be as willing to risk your safety a second time to return to the very jaws of Samis - a man Tahn feared and hated above all?

Wow, this is a tough question, if you think about it. Sure it might seem easy to do when you think about it - but actually carrying it out, going back to rescue a friend from a man you fear more than anything, is a challenge. Tahn was amazingly brave and selfless in near everything he did! Even though this is a fictitious story, he makes a good role model for other men to be as courageous and noble as he.

2) Even though Netta knew Tahn had murdered her husband, she was still willing to forgive him and put the past behind her - she saw who Tahn really was, a tormented soul in need of redemption. Would it be hard to give such complete forgiveness to someone who took something so precious from you?

Forgiveness sometimes sounds easy to give - often people think it's just as simple as saying "I forgive you" - but in truth, it's very hard. It's hard to truly forgive someone who has wronged you so much, to forgive them in your soul. But the Lord always gives us the strength to accomplish the trials He sets in our path, so if I rely on Him, I beleive he would give me the strength to forgive another.

3) Vari believed in the Dorn like no other, a loyal sidekick, and was willing to die to save him from Samis' men. At only 13, his experience under Samis had made a man of him already, and he loved the Dorn like none other. Have you ever been willing to do anything it took to keep a loved one safe?

Yes, I can say I have. With so many little siblings, when one of them have run into trouble, my first instinct is to help them, to protect them. My next thoughts is wanting to take their pain. I can understand Vari's feelings on this. My sisters are so precious - I would do anything to keep them safe, same as him.

~ Katy

What I've(We've) Been Reading

Hey y'all! Katy was  unable to write her post for this week, so I will be writing in her stead! But she sent me a list of books she's read so I'll make sure to add those in! ;-)

The Choice (Lancaster County Secrets, Book 1)

This week, I read a very charming story called The Choice  by Suzanne Woods Fisher. It was a very good book and I enjoyed it thoroughly! It took place in an Amish community like a Beverly Lewis or Wanda Brunstetter, but the story line was a bit different and unique in my opinion. Suzanne Woods Fisher is a young Amish woman torn between following the man she loves and joining the community of faith that sustains her. Her choice begins a torrent of change for her and her family, including a marriage of convenience to silent Daniel Miller. Both bring broken hearts into their arrangement...and secrets that have been held too long. The Choice was a touching story about letting go of the past, embracing the future, and making the right choices - no matter the cost. I very much recommend you read this great book! Order it for only $6 HERE!

Songs of DeliveranceAnother book I started was Songs of Deliverance by Marilynn Griffith. You can read my review and thoughts on it on my other blog, here. 
Fifteen years ago, Zeely Wilkins and Ron Jenkins were students the school district stopped believing in. Lucky for them, their teacher knew something the principal didn't; they were cream of the crop but they just hadn't sprouted the way people expected. Though they went their separate ways, the past is calling them back to the school and the teacher who wouldn't give up on them. Now they'll have to decide what love really means--and whether they're willing to dance to a new tune to get it. But can they rediscover the songs of deliverance that once brought them together? Or will secrets keep them apart?  If you're interested in purchasing this book, go

Through the Fire
A book I just started and am excited to read is Through The Fire by Shawn Grady. This book looks really good, with a bit of suspense and maybe some mystery thrown in there. I am eager to get into it!
Firefighting burns in Aidan O’Neill’s blood, but his innate gift for reading flames has made him overconfident and sometimes puts lives in danger. When one call goes horribly wrong and a rookie is hurt, Aidan ends up suspended and finds himself questioning everything.
It couldn’t have happened at a worse time. An arsonist is targeting Reno, leaving a scorched path of destruction. The department calls Aidan back, but his return is troubled. The gift he relied on for so long has gone silent and it’s as though the fires are coming for him, hunting him down. Teaming with a beguiling fire investigator who may know more than she’s saying, Aidan must discover where his trust rests as the flames burn ever closer.
Get this book for less than $6 HERE!

Tahn: A NovelKaty reread Tahn this past week - "What a book! It was full of adventure, peril, forgiveness, redemption, and with just a touch of romance it made the perfect story! ;-) I loved reading about Tahn and his heart wrenching childhood history which left him scarred as an adult.  I couldn't help but smile to myself as I watched him walk through the rest of his life in search of a merciful and loving God. Lady Netta made the story all the better! If you enjoy GREAT stories that take place in the medieval times, capture your attention, and touch your heart, than this is the book for you! Buy Tahn today for less than $2 used here!!" - excerpt from our last What I've Been Reading by Kait I personally know this is one of Katy's very favorite books, and I really enjoyed it, too! I would encourage you to read it!

From Dust and Ashes: A Story of Liberation (The Liberator Series, Book 4)Katy and I have both started, and Katy finished, Dust And Ashes by Tricia Goyer.  Though I am only a little ways into it and cannot affirm that this is a good book yet, Katy has stressed it to me that it was an amazing and sensational story, saying that it was very touching. Taking place during the closing of World War II, it's a very good historical book also! So far, I am really enjoying it, but I haven't gotten too far into it yet! :-)
Nazis flee under cover of darkness as American troops near the town of St. Georgen. A terrible surprise awaits the unsuspecting GIs.  And three people—the wife of an SS guard, an American soldier, and a concentration camp survivor—will never be the same.   Inspired by actual events surrounding the liberation of a Nazi concentration camp, From Dust and Ashes shows the healing power of forgiveness.  Purchase it HERE!

Annie's People, Vols. 1-3 (The Preacher's Daughter, The Englisher, and The Brethren)Katy is also reading the Annie's People series by Beverly Lewis which I let her borrow on our last visit. She informed me she doesn't like Amish stories, so I had to give her a good ol' Beverly Lewis to show her what real Amish book is like, and from what she's told me she's enjoying em, though a bit "ferhoodled" about the strange Old Amish ways! But it's really cool to learn about a different culture like that! Annie Zook is forced by her father, the bishop, to choose between her forbidden art and joining the church, the only life she knows.These books are GREAT! Get The Preachers Daughter, The Englisher, and The Brethern, or all three in one terrific volume!
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