Book Review - Where the Truth Lies

A case of suicide leads an amateur sleuth on a trail of deceit and corruption...

Casey Alexander refuses to believe that her aunt committed suicide. Convinced a murderer is hiding out in her aunt's sleepy hometown, she'll do anything to uncover the truth. But as her personal investigation produces mounting evidence, the danger to Casey grows. Now she'll be forced to truth certain residents of Pine Mills for help, including local nursery owner Luke Kerrigan...the man with whom she's falling in love...and who may be stalking her.

Prompted by strange clues and a mysterious stranger, Casey does a little more digging. The secrets she unearths will turn lives upside down and threaten the peace in  Pine Mills' small community - especially when she discovers that the truth can  sometimes be hidden in a lie.


Overall Opinion:


I love to read a good mystery, and Where the Truth Lies is exactly the kind of mystery I enjoy reading. Instantly, I was drawn into the book and wondering, along with Casey, Luke, and Monah, “who dunit”? The plot had several twists and turns along the way and was intricately woven together to make a compelling mystery that left you guessing. Towards the end I knew “who dunit” but had yet to figure out the “where” and “why”. The ending is always the most fun to read when everything that was perplexing comes to light, and Where the Truth Lies did not disappoint.

Casey was a neat character. I chuckled over her “sleuthing” abilities—I’m not sure if I would trust a bunch of detective novels to help me in real life as implicitly as Casey did. It added a neat angle to the story. Luke was instantly a likeable character. Kind, outgoing, protective, lovable—I must admit that if I had been in Casey’s shoes it would have been very hard for me to suspect him capable of murdering someone he loved. Monah was the comic relief to this book, in many ways. She was such a friendly, spur-of-the-moment, playful woman that you can’t help but grow to like her.

I didn’t find anything inappropriate in this book. The story between Luke and Casey is simple and sweet, and they do kiss a time or two. Mainly, though, they are just worried and concerned about the others welfare, which was sweet.

As I said, the plot was intricate and compellingly woven together. Towards the end I really needed to pay attention to the mystery as Luke and Casey tossed around multiple ideas of who might have had reason to silence her aunt. Just the kind of mystery I like—ones that aren’t easily solved or put together. When I finally reached the end, I was satisfied with the conclusion and taking my hat off to Elizabeth and Janelle for thinking of such a great mystery. They don’t make it easy on the reader (or the characters!) and I had to pull out my ol’ “thinking cap” as I tried to piece together the clues in this Massachusetts Mayhem Mystery. They really did a wonderful job on this book and I am looking forward to reading more mysteries by them!


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