Ponderin' The Past...in Revenge, Ohio

Today I will be basing my post off of the book Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio. This will be a somewhat shorter post as there is very little information on this mysterious town.

Revenge, Ohio used to sit right in Fairfield county, but sadly the quaint little town doesn't technically exist anymore.  In fact, there is very little to prove that it ever existed. Very few maps still recognize that a town once stood there. Only a small general store, the only one that stood during the time the town was occupied, still remains. (Below)

The name of the town in quite intriguing - Revenge - and makes one wonder why the town was called such a thing. While some murderous and exciting story might be expected, it is actually a simple reason why the town was named that.

The town was named by the Kocher family as an outcome of a competition between two storekeepers - Kocher, and Bay. When Kocher won, he names the town Revenge for his revenge. Interesting, eh? I found that rather interesting.

This actually was all the information I could find on the town. If you want to read the story of Catherine and see how Lisa constructs the town that has so little known about it, read Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio!
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Photo credit: Lori Warman