We've Won Another Award!

Hello readers! Today you get an extra post - we won an award! Huge thanks to Loves 2 Read for awarding us the Stylish Blogger award! :)

For this award, we must link to the person who awarded us, Loves 2 Read, post 7 things about us, and pass it to 7 other bloggers! Here are our 7 things:

#1 - We are both huge Peretti and Dekker fans, but while Kait prefers Dekker, Katy prefers Peretti.

#2 - We both are suckers for classic movies and detective shows. We could, and have, stayed up all night watching them!

#3 - Both of us really love a good Biblical fiction!

#4 - We are both part of large families; Katy is one of 10 children while Kait is one of 8.

#5 - There is a two and a half year difference in age between us but we often forget!

#6 - We both love playing volleyball and do it as often as we can.

#7 - We both love to write and would spend all day on the computer typing away if our parents permitted it! ;)

And the 7 bloggers we are awarding...

Katy @ A Few More Pages
Bria @ Open Book Reviews
Renee Ann @ Doorkeeper
Charity U @ Austenitis
Savanah @ Ridiculous Reviews by Savanah
Stephanie @ Go Teen Writers
Amber @ Seasons of Humility

Thanks again for the award, Loves2Read! And readers: make sure to check out the blogs we awarded - they're amazing!
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Unknown said...

Awe, Thanks you guys! I'll post mine in a couple of days.

Amber Holcomb said...

Aw, thank you so much for sharing this award with me! It's lovely, and it fits well with your lovely blog. :)


Renee said...

You guys are very special to all of us in the bloggy world! Thanks and blessings!

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