About Us

Are you a book-lover? Well, you've come to the perfect place! This blog is here for those of you who love a good, clean, book that are Christ-centered and honorable to Him. Along with occasional giveaways and weekly reviews, we'll also be having discussions about the various books we review, so feel free to join in and give your opinion/thoughts!

Just to kind of introduce you to the team, here is a brief bio about us! :-)

Katie (Katy) McCurdy

Greetings! As is obvious, my name is Katie - but I like it when it's spelled with a 'Y'! I'm just your normal Christian, homeschooled teenager that absolutely LOVES to read! Since I am a night owl, I cannot count the many times I have done with just two or three hours of sleep as because of my love to read late (or early! lol) into the night! I have 9 other siblings, ranging from adulthood to babyhood. I am third eldest, and am enjoying life and all of it's surprises.

Some of my top hobbies include: writing, reading, volleyball, ASL, and blogging. Everyday I make sure I do at least one of my favorite hobbies - to keep my spirits up! ;-) lol

Since I have such a desire to read books, and since there aren't that many Christian fiction books out there that focus mainly on Christ, I've decided to commit my blogging time to review and giving my opinion of Christian fiction that's out there. So many books have the title of being "Christian Fiction", but many don't deserve the title. So, that's what I'm here to publicise with my blogs - to let you know which one's focus on Christ while spinning you a story you won't soon forget!!

Check out my other Book Review blog HERE!

Kaitlyn (Kait) Culbertson

Hi! As you know, my name is Kait. I'm a Christian, homeschooled, book loving teenager. I am the only girl out of 8 children and the oldest of the bunch. My hobbies consist of reading, blogging, volleyball, photography, blog design, campaigning, ASL, and watching classic movies. ;-)

My main goal in life is to glorify God, which is why I have decided to review books. I hope that through my book reviews I can help others glorify God through what the read, too. If you'd like to check out some of my other reviews, head over to my personal book review blog HERE.

The Two Of Us

When put together, we make Katy and Kait - blogging buddies, writing companions, and best friends. :-) Katy and I have known each other for only two years but are extremely close friends. We started this blog in September and are loving watching it grow into something that is helpful for readers who want to glorify God in what they read. Shortly after we started this blog we had the crazy idea to start a book. Both of us love to write and we are so much alike it's crazy, so we decided to give it a go. WOW! What an experience it's been! Scattered Tears has been so much fun to write so far and we can't wait to see how it ends!

We hope you enjoy this blog and that it is helpful when choosing what books to read. :-)
Photo credit: Lori Warman