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Hey all! I know I am VERY late on posting this - but I have the greatest excuse! *wink*

Kait and her family came over to visit for the weekend. Of course I just HAD to spend some time with her, so I planned a sleepover last night. We had movie marathons and lots of laughs. It was awesome! We didn't hit the sack till around 3, so as you can imagine - we were dragging this morning. lol! When my little sisters came and woke me up sometime after 7, I just wanted to roll over and sleep the day away! :-P lol! But, breakfast must be made for my small little army of sisters. So, up I got. :-)

So, anywho, I am just now getting the chance to sit down on the computer. What have I been reading? Quiet a bit! Enjoy my list. :-)


She Walks in BeautyShe Walks in Beauty was an AMAZING read! When I first saw the cover I thought it would just be a big romance book. But actually, the romance wasn't that promident at all! It was so fully of culture details and facts that I felt I learned SO MUCH about that time period just by reading this book. It was awesome! Siri Mitchell did a fantabulous job and I look forward to reading more by her in the future!

The Heart's Journey Home (Harvest Bay)Next I read The Heart's Journey Home by Jen Stephens. An inspirational read with a love story, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey I took with Kate Sterling. Trying to cope with the loss of her husband and her faith, this was a story that touches your heart. You can read my review of it HERE.

On Falcon's WingsOn Falcon's Wing is one book that I cannot recommend. While the historical details of this book was great, the sexual content and langauge was overpowering. I ended up skimming this book because it got too descriptive. Enough said on this book - moving on! :-P lol

The Quest for CharacterI really enjoy John MacArthor's books and his Quest for Character does not dissapoint. While it may seem a small, simple read - it is very in-depth. The refreneces he gives for all his conclusions are great and I love how he always comes back to the Scripture. Certainly a wonderful book to have on your shelf!

Michal: A Novel (The Wives of King David)After downloading the free Kindle edition for Michal, by Jill Eileen Smith I decided to re-read this wonderful story. Even though I'd already read it shortly after it was published, I was once again caught up in the story. What wonderful details and emotions that were going on. Michal's life certainly was an interesting one. I so enjoyed reading her life story!

A Trail of Ink: The Third Chronicle of Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon (Hugh De Singleton 3)A Trail of Ink is the first book I've read by Mel Starr, but it is the third book in the Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon series. It was a fun and humorous mystery and I really enjoyed reading it. The way it was written reminded me of Sir Arthor Connan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. So neat! You can read my review HERE.

Bathsheba: A Novel (The Wives of King David)The next book I picked up was Jill Eileen Smith's third and final book in her Wives of King David series, Bathsheba. I savored every page of this book - it was SO powerful! Instead of trying to cram all the wonderful things about this book into one paragraph, you can go HERE and read the full review on it. This was an instant favorite of mine!

The Preacher's BrideI have heard a lot of good things about Jody Hedlund's debut novel, The Preacher's Bride. Based on the story of Elizabeth Bunyan (though some liberties are taken with the real-life story), it was a wonderful, pleasent read and I did not regret getting this book. It's worth every penny to read about Elizabeth Whitbread - a strong willed and couragious woman who rose to every challenge that assailed her.

Honor in the Dust: A Winslow Breed Novel (House of Winslow)I have read many books by Gilbert Morris and always am sure to enjoy his storys. So is the case with Honor in the Dust. The story of Claiborn and Stuart was compelling and intriguing. When William Tyndale and his mission of translating the bible came into the story, things continued to get better. You can read my review on my blog HERE. It was a neat read! :-)

By Darkness Hid (Blood of Kings, book 1)Jill Williamson's fantasy books have also been ones I've heard a lot about. I am not a huge fan of fantasy, but I admit that Jill has earned another fan with her first book, By Darkness Hid. Wow! What a wonderful, complex story that has such depth! I will be posting a review of it on my blog sometime next week, so be on the look-out! :-)

The Mountains Bow Down (A Raleigh Harmon Novel)Finally, I finished The Mountains Bow Down by Sibella Giorello yesterday. Wow! The mystery was amazing. Even better than her previous one! I am totally wrapped up in Raleigh's adventures and am eagerly looking forward to her next adventure, coming out next year. I hope it will clear up many questions that The Mountains Bow Down leave you with. I will also be posting a review of this book on my blog on Wednesday - feel free to stop by!

Well, that's all I've read these past two weeks. See ya in two more weeks for more books that I've read! Hope everyone has an awesome Saturday!!


MomBlogger said...

Books look interesting - I might have to pick up a few of these to read! Thanks for the great pics and reviews! Keep up the good work.

Siri said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed my book! Thanks so much for taking the time to write and post a review.

Happy reading!


Katie Marie said...

Thanks Loves2Read! I hope you get a chance to read some of them!

Siri - thanks so much for stopping by! She Walks in Beauty was a wonderful read. If I get the chance in the near future, I hope to write a full-length reveiw for you. :-) Oh, and I have A Constant Heart in my TBR pile - can't wait to dive into that one. :-)

~ Katy

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