WWW Wednesday

Hey everyone! Today we are having our weekly WWW Wednesday posts. If you are interested in reading more about these posts, check out MizB's blog, Should Be Reading for more info!

To play along, we must answer three questions...  
- What are you currently reading?
- What did you recently finish reading?
- What do you think you'll read next?  

So! Below are my answers for this time around! :-)

Unbridled Hope (Lone Star Legends V3)
What are you currently reading? Right now I am reading Unbridled Hope by Loree Lough. I have barely started this one, but it looks promising and I am eager to dive into this story! The tour is due on Friday so you can be sure it will be featured in my next What I've Been Reading with my thoughts on it! :)

Return to Alastair: A Novel
What did you recently finish reading? Just this morning I finished Return To Alastair - the second book in the Tahn series by L.A Kelly. I enjoyed this one as much as the first and cannot wait to dive into the third! If y'all have read my reviews, you know how hard it is for books to receive much praise from my lips - I am very picky! ;) -  but these books are incredible and I highly recommend them! 

Bathsheba: A Novel (The Wives of King David)
What do you think you'll read next? As soon as I finish Unbridled Hope, I 'spect I'll pick up Bathsheba - a book Katy let me borrow last time I was in town. I have heard so much praise for this book, I can't wait to dive in!

Thanks for looking into my stacks of books with me! Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what your WWW is for this week! :-D


Abigail Hartman said...

Hmm... Right now I'm reading The Odyssey, and I just finished The Mark of the Star (a fantasy) and The Killer Angels (historical fiction). I'm not sure what I'll read next - perhaps Little Dorrit.

Unknown said...

Abigail -

I haven't read any of those but I'll have to look into them! Were they good?

Abigail Hartman said...

Well, The Odyssey, which I am nearly done with, is typically Greek - lots of running around, making the gods angry and killing people; I don't like it as much as The Iliad. It took me about a hundred pages of The Killer Angels, a novel about Gettysburg, to get used to the author's writing style, but once I did I found it very interesting. The Mark of the Star is a book by a fellow-blogger, and I quite enjoyed it. It will be available for purchase on Amazon in July, and it's available on Lulu.com now.

Unknown said...

Abigail -

The Killer Angels - I have the other two in that series! The writing style IS hard to get used to but I think the stories are wonderful.

The Mark of the Star...hmm. I'll have to look into that!

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