What I've Been Reading

Hello readers! Today I am happy to present to you the books I've been reading these past 2 weeks! :)

The Fire in Ember: A Novel
The Fire In Ember was a quick read for me - it was so engaging! I read it in a day and absolutely loved it. Definitely a keeper that I recommend! The story was unique and the characters well fleshed out and enjoyable. Keep an eye out for this one! :)

Waterfall: A Novel (River of Time Series)Waterfall was an AMAZING book that I had the immense pleasure of reading while I was in Milton last week. It was incredible! Full of exciting adventure, suspenseful peril, and sweet romance, this made for a great read and easily made it into my top 10 favorites - a hard place to get!

Cascade: A Novel (River of Time Series)Cascade, the following book in The River of Time series, was another that I picked up immediately after reading Waterfall, which ended with a cliff hanger! I liked this one more than Waterfall and it had my attention captured from the get go. This is another one I highly suggest you read upon it's release! :)

Disaster Status (Mercy Hospital, Book 2)

Just last night I finished Disaster Status. It was an excellent book that I really loved - even more than Code Triage, the next book in the series!(yeah, I kinda accidentally read em out of order. :P) Keep an eye out for this one - it was really good!

There you have it! What have you been reading??


Diane said...

Great books! The Waterfall series definitely has me interested. :O)

Unknown said...

Diane - Oh yes you should totally read them! They are totally amazing! Definitely worth your time/money! :)

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