Book Review - Undaunted Faith

Can the McCabe Brothers Find Love Amidst the Chaos of the Arizona Territory?
The McCabe brothers have their hands full. Trouble on the range and trouble in town. But they never expected their sweet schoolteacher, Bethany Stafford, to join in the mix of woe. When her reputation is unfairly tarnished, Pastor Luke McCabe is quick to propose marriage. But Bethany wants better than just a marriage of necessity to save her good name. Could Luke ever come to love a plain "little field mouse" like her?

Dr. Annetta Cavanaugh has her own questions about men and their intentions. While Pastor Jake McCabe seems sincere, she still has her doubts about him. But after he accompanies her on a medical call, she sees a whole new side of him and can't help but admit her attraction to the handsome pastor.

However, there's evil brewing in town--a lawlessness that even the sheriff cannot tamp down. Finally, it comes face-to-face with both Luke and Jake and it threatens the lives of the women they love. Are the McCabe brothers ready for the fight of their lives?



Overall Opinion:


The first book I have read by Andrea Boeshaar, Undaunted Faith is the fourth and last book in her Seasons of Redemption series. While I was still able to enjoy the story, I found myself wishing I had read this series in order. Not that the author ever left me confused, but I did wish I’d grown to know the different characters mention throughout the series, as I didn’t feel as connected with Luke and Jacob as I usually liked. Because of this, it is probably best to read this series in order. From all the hints given of what happens in future books, I don’t think that’s a trail—I am curious to read them all and find out for myself!

When I first began the book, I wasn’t sure if I’d like the split story plot—with both Luke and Jacobs own separate stories going on at the same time. I thought it would be two completely different love stories not related to the other, but as the book continued it grew together until, at the end, the story plot intertwined both of their stories very nicely. Bethany was a sweet character that I grew to enjoy. Annette was a complex addition to this cast, but I did really enjoy watching her opening up more and more to Jacob. Those two had a very sweet courtship and I loved the innocence and purity of it. Not many historical romances have the main characters waiting till they marry to kiss their bride-to-be.

Andrea’s writing voice was easy to read and it didn’t take long for me to loose myself in the story. A few times the dialog or story lagged and I found myself skimming, but only on occasion and it picked up soon after. The twist at the end, when it throws each of the main couples into jeopardy, was a nice tension builder. I always love reading about men being perfect gentlemen, no matter what the situation. Both Jacob and Luke set very good examples.

By the time I closed the pages, I was sad to leave all of these fun characters. The epilogue at the end was great, as it closed out the story—and the series—perfectly. What fun it was to have this great adventure with these characters! I look forward to reading more by Andrea in the future.


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