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Good Saturday morning everyone! I always enjoy telling you all what I've been reading! I'm not sure which post I enjoy doing more on Book Ponderings, but this one is certainly close to the top! :-) So, let's dive right in!

DMZ, The: A Novel 
Well, I had a due date for this review, so since it was soon approaching, I dived into The DMZ, a rather formnible read to some with its 500+ pages. Jeanette Windle was a new author for me...but after finishing this book, I KNOW I want to read more by her!! While it was a little tedious for the first hundred pages, after that, the adventure doesn't stop! Read my full review here. It was a great book and would make an awesome movie, too! ;-) As I mentioned, the review was due and I've already posted it. So if you want to read it, HERE is the review. 

Heart Divided, A: A Novel (Heart of the Rockies) 
Next I picked up A Heart Divided by Kathleen Morgan. I've seen Kathleen's books around, and currently have one of them in my Kindle App on my phone, waiting to be read. The girl on the cover of this book is BEAUTIFUL, so I was eager to find out what kind of story was between the cover. While I wasn't blown away by this book, it was a good, one-time read. If you are curious as to my thoughts on it, you can read my review HERE.

How Huge the Night: A Novel 
Grabbing How Huge the Night off my bookshelf right before I left on a 6 hour car trip (My family went to Alabama to help friends of ours hit by the tornado), I was able to finish this great, Young Adult fiction by Heather and Lydia Munn before we reached our destination. It was an easy read, the writings of these two ladies easily pulling me into the story of Julien. Reading about Nina's adventures were a bit vague and hard to understand at times, but that was minimal. Read my full review of this new book HERE.

Passion from the Heart 
Before I had left the house, I packed Passion from the Heart by Deborah Lynne in my backpack for the ride home. Being a rather thin book, I was easily able to finish it not long after we stopped for lunch. My full review can be read HERE. While I am not a big fan of a lot of romance in my book, I am pretty sure other people who are romance fans will really enjoy this fun adventure with Erika and Nate.

Killer Among Us, A: A Novel (Women of Justice)

I began A Killer Among Us (which I had also stashed in my backpack when preparing for the weekend trip) shortly after finishing the last book and was able to get well into the book before the night was out. Oh. My. Word. This book was AWESOME!!!! I posted a review for it on my blog, so feel free to go HERE and read me rant and rave over this new suspense/thriller book by Lynette Eason. I loved ever minute I spent with Kit and Noah and when I finally finished the book, I was SO sad to leave them. What an awesome adventure! I want to read the rest in the series, now!

UndercurrentThe Kindle App on my phone is awesome, and since I won a Kindle book of Michelle Griep's new book, Undercurrent, on Amber's blog, I was excited to put it to use, since I haven't read a book on the app in a while. The story plot was intriguing -- a 21st century woman get's sucked into some time-travel vortex and landed during the viking age. Staying up until the VERY wee hours of morning, I finished this book in one day. Wow! What an adventure. I would only recommend this to mature readers because of the very sensual scenes that are in this book, but if you don't mind that, I am sure you would enjoy this book. You can read my mini-review of it HERE.

Lilies in Moonlight: A Novel
After that I read Lilie's in Moonlight by Allison Pittman. That was a few days ago and I still haven't sat down to write the review. I'm not sure as to my thoughts on it. I think I'm split. Pittman's writing is wonderful and engaging, but I didn't care for the whole, general plot. Maybe it's because I love adventure and suspense, and this book just contained a book story of the two character's growth. It was a good story, just not my type. I hope to write a review of it soon on my blog. :-)

Great Catch, A: A Novel (Lake Manawa Summers)
The other day I finished reading Lorna Steilstad's new book, A Great Catch. I so enjoy Lorna's books because I find myself continually laughing and having SO much fun while reading her books. Clumsy Emily was constantly a laugh as she blubbered one thing and then another thing. And Lorna just makes you grow to appreciate and love Carter. What a guy! I will be writing my review of A Great Catch on my other blog later next week, if any of you stop by and care to read it. :-)


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