Book Review - Darkness Follows

Sam Travis lives in a Civil War era farmhouse in Gettysburg, PA, where he awakens one morning to find an old journal with an entry by a Union soldier, Lt. Whiting…written in Sam’s own handwriting. 
When this happens several more times, both at night and during waking “trances,” Sam begins to question his own sanity while becoming obsessed with Lt. Whiting and his bone-chilling journal entries. As the entries begin to mimic Sam’s own life, he is drawn into an evil plot that could cost many lives, including his own. 
Can the unconditional love of Sam’s daughter, Eva, break through his hardened heart before a killer on the loose catches up with them and Sam’s past spurs him to do the unthinkable?



Overall Opinion:


This story jerks you into this fast-paced suspense thriller from the very first pages and does not let up. I was completely wrapped up in this book. From the get-go, when Sam awakes in the middle of the night to the sounds of a battle somewhere nearby and hearing his long-departed brother calling his name. Believing he is going insane, Sam is at the end of his rope as he tries to reassure his wife and daughter. What a compelling beginning—I can’t imagine what I would think if I thought I was losing my mind. Scary!

All of the characters in Darkness Follows are extremely well developed and believable. From the mysterious Symon to the desperate Sam, these people leave you with a great impression. Sam’s daughter, Eva, was very endearing and I instantly liked her undying and unconditional love that she showered on her father, no matter if he acknowledged her or not. Sam’s wife, Molly, was also easy to sympathize with as she tries to keep the family together and help her husband. My favorite would have to be the emotionless Symon. I couldn’t help feeling sorry for him as he blindly commits his crimes, all the while wondering who he is. Each character in this book is wonderful and their feelings vivid and deep.

This is the first book I have read by Mike Dellosso, so I wasn’t sure what kind of thriller writer he was going to be. Well, it was awesome. The writing was superb, the characters realistic (as I’ve already said), and the plot unique and intricate. I felt as if I was literally “IN” this adventure, the writing just grabbed my attention and put me there with Sam, Symon, Molly, or Eva. What else can you ask for, right?!

So, in short, I really enjoyed this awesome suspense. I am a new fan of Mike Dellosso and will keep my eye out for his books in the future! If you enjoy a good suspense novel that will keep you on the edge of your sear, I would highly recommend Darkness Follows. He reminded me of a Ted Dekker or Frank Peretti. And since those two are my all-time top-favorite suspense writers, that’s saying a lot. :-)


Megan said...

If Mike Dellosso reminds you of Ted Dekker, who is my favorite suspense writer of all-time, then this certainly sounds like a book I will enjoy. Darkness Follows is definitely going on my to-read list.

Katie Marie said...

Ahh! Another Dekker fan! :-D YAY!!

But, yes, he did remind me of Dekker somewhat. I hope you get a chance to read it soon. Certainly was worth the read! :-D

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