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Overall Opinion:

I accidentally got this book. Okay, actually it was purposeful but I totally missed the whole "Reverend Faith Morgan" thing. I'm not quite sure how. I mean, it's written right in the description. Lol. But regardless, I dove into this book, hoping for a good, clean, suspenseful mystery. Sadly, I have to say I was disappointed in each of those areas. While I don't believe in women being priests and such, I was willing to give this book a try and see what it held, hoping that perhaps there would be a moment where she decided to not be a priest. Well, that didn't happen and that's okay - her being a priest wasn't a huge part of the story and it would have been easy to overlook it. But I didn't really want to overlook it. Knowing that she was a priest, I had expectations for her...expectations she didn't meet in the least.

While Faith was a nice character, I had a few problems with her. For one, she had lived with her boyfriend for three years before breaking up with him and leaving. For me, at least, I wasn't sure if this was before or after she went to college to be a reverend, but there was still no signs of repentance. Faith also did very little praying and scripture quoting, and, in my opinion, gave rotten advice. I won't go into detail, but I had expectations for Faith as a priest which she did not meet. She also was a pretty big fool. She put herself in situations she knew she'd be weak in with her ex boyfriend - one of them being alone in her sister's house. What started out as a kiss nearly turned into something more before Faith put a stop to it. I will be honest and say I was angry at faith a lot during this book. But, to give her some credit, she did have a big heart and tried her best to see the good in people. I did like that and related to her in that.

Ben I didn't like at all. He just seemed like a big jerk, and it wasn't until the end that I started to feeling anything but resentment towards him - and then it was sorrow. I felt kinda bad for him cause Faith was leading him on when she wasn't going to commit to anything, and didn't want to.

The content was a bit more than I usually like in books. The D-word was used twice - once thought by Faith, a priest, herself! I was appalled! Another thing is that, as I mentioned before, Faith lived with her boyfriend before marriage for 3 years, and there was so sign of repentance or acknowledgment that that was wrong. There was also a confession made before Faith about a lady whose husband committed adultery who she later divorced, and then slept with a man whom, she didn't know at the time, was married. She regretted these decisions and repented, but it still was brought up and Faith mentions how sometimes it's difficult, especially when there's "sexual attraction". There's also a scene where, as I mentioned before, Faith finds herself alone with Ben and they start kissing. It says she "felt the pressure of Ben's arm shifting her weight towards him, beneath him.". The scene ends there when Faith finally snaps to her senses and pushes him away. Other than that, there's was nothing more than a few minor things mentioned here and there - nothing great enough for me to remember.

To sum it up, I was disappointed with this book. It wasn't even just the content or stuff I've mentioned, but also the mystery reveal was kinda a letdown. But I do think that some people would find this book enjoyable - and in fact, after reading many other reviews I've found that many people enjoyed it greatly! So if you enjoy mysteries, you may like this one!


Diane said...

Tough review but honest! :O)

MaureenT said...

Thanks for your review. I thought about reading this one...won't now! I totally agree about woman preacher's! I've seen this in real life..both men and woman and wonder how they got where they are. How can you preach and live an entirely different life?
Thank You

Unknown said...

Diane - yes it was a tough review - even to write! Sometimes it's hard being honest, but I'm glad to know it helps my readers! :)

Maureen - Haha I know what you mean! They say that the proof of your faith is your fruit...these character's fruits were not so good! I was shocked at some of their actions!

Thanks for commenting!

Unknown said...

Hi Jane,
I know I am late commenting here but I just found this site from Katy. She comments on my blog a lot and we are friends on Goodreads and all. I have to tell you, I was supposed to review this book as well and I greatly disliked it. Thought I was the only one who had problems with things like this:) Everyone else I saw seemed to like the book. And I am glad you picked up on her having lived with her boyfriend. The language and that situation were too much for me.
Thanks for your honest opinion. Nice to know there are other reviewers with the same standards:)

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