Ponderin' The Past...with Prizefighting

Hello readers! I recently finished To Win Her Heart, which was amazing, and decided it would make a good choice for today's history post.
Levi had a past - he had once been a prizefighter. When I read this, I was like "What on earth is that???", but as I read I learned a bit about it. It's pretty crazy. Here's a bit of info on it.

Prizefighting goes back a long way, but it wasn't until 1743 when a man called Jack Broughton created a list of rules after one of his opponents died. There were then rules about hitting below the belt, hitting when a man was down, and a few other things. Surprisingly, and a bit horrifyingly, punching, scratching, kicking, throwing, stomping, and strangling were all acceptable in the ring, and it wasn't uncommon for a man to die. In fact, in 1787 Birmingham, two out of the days fights ended in death.

Ridiculous amounts of money were poured into bets during prizefighting. It was quite nuts. No gentlemen or middle class men ever fought, but it was not unheard of for women too - something I was appalled to find out!

Prizefighting is known by a different name today...
Yep that's right - prizefighting is what started the common, well known sport of boxing today. Luckily, we now have rules that keep people from killing each other! :o

Well there's a bit about Prizefighting...not much but it was only very popular in the 1700s-1800s and soon became known as boxing. But it was quite crazy to read about!
Hope you enjoyed!
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