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Hi everyone! Well, I haven't been able to read a whole lot lately, but quite a few this past week! :-) Let's see...

Sir Quinlan and the Swords of Valor (The Knights of Arrethtrae)Sir Quinlan and the Swords of Valor - by one of my favorite authors, Chuck Black - was an exciting read that left me wanting to read more about Quinlan's adventures as leader of the Swords of Valor! My review of this book can be found HERE, if your interested in reading my thoughts on it. I highly recommend this book for all readers - old and young alike! :-)

Sir Rowan and the Camerian ConquestSir Rowan and the Camerian Conquest - another recently released book by Chuck Black. This book gripped my attention from the very beginning, having several twists and turns in the story plot that continued to keep me guessing the whole time. I'm not sure which of Chuck's books that is my number one favorite, but this one certainly ranked high on my list! Needless to say, I'm very quick to recommend this book to my friends, and have already let a few borrow my copy! If you'd like to read my review on this book, go HERE.

The Healer's ApprenticeThe Healer's Apprentice - Kait let me borrow this book recently when she came into town last weekend! :-) I read the book in one day, snatching it up ever chance I got and staying up late (or, early - well on into the wee hours) to finish it! It was a fun read, with a bit of mystery and intrigue woven into the pages. The ending was so sweet and when I closed the book after reading the last page, I was content to leave Rose and Lord Hamlin in their kingdom - happily ever after! ;-)

Dawn's Prelude (Song of Alaska Series, Book 1)Dawn's Prelude - I recently purchased an iTouch this past weekend, and one of the apps is so that I can put my kindle e-books on it. The first book I read on it was this one! I haven't read many books by Tracie Peterson, but this one impressed me! I hope to write a review about it soon - but it was a very sweet read about new beginnings and the redemption and forgiveness you find in Christ. I highly recommend it!! :-)

Code Triage (Mercy Hospital)Code Triage - My first read from author Candace Calvert and the third book in the Mercy Hospital series, and it was great!! So many marriages today end in divorce because of broken promises or distrust of the spouse, yet this book brings hope to many - just as the movie Fireproof did. I loved the story of Nick's determination to regain his wife's trust and love back, no matter how hard it was or how long it too. A precious read! I will be posting my review on my blog shortly, Lord willing!

~ Katy


misskallie2000 said...

I just won Code Triage and will read when I finish Tender Vow. I have been trying to win The Healer's Apprentice but no luck so far. lol I had not heard of Dawn's Prelude until now but it also looks like a great book. Thanks for your reviews which do mean alot when trying to decide which book to read or purchase.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Katie Marie said...

Ohh...Code Triage is great!! I'm using it for this week's book discussion - you should stop by and lave your thoughts! Or questions - I'll answer them, too!

Well, I highly recommend Dawn's Prelude!! I enjoyed every minute of it!!

In glad our reviews help!!

- Katy

Unknown said...

Dawn's Prelude was EXCELLENT! Definitely one of my favorites! A review will be coming soon!

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