Book Discussion - Tahn, Part 2

Here's the second part to our book discussion of Tahn, by L. A. Kelly. I had a blast thinking of questions! Maybe soon I will write a book dicussion for the other two books in this series Return to Alastair and The Scarlet Trefoil!! ;-) They were just as good as the first! An amazing series!!

1) Jarel was the hardest on Tahn after his recover, both because he distrusted him and because he wanted to see what he was made of. He wanted to hate Tahn, as the one who had destroyed his family, his life, and his home. But in the end, understanding and respect is all that he could feel toward Tahn, who continually showed himself worthy. Would it be difficult for you to so completely forgive someone so closely tied to your family's murder?

Netta and Jarel both had a difficult struggle - to learn to forgive. For Netta, who had spent time and learned to see through Tahn's thick outer shell and into who he really was, forgiving Tahn was easier -though still painful. But for Jarel, he had little to no contact with Tahn except to know he was closely tied to his parents and brothers murders. He spent days and weeks brooding over this. But in the end, with the Lord's help, he was able to see the good that Netta saw in Tahn as well. How difficult this must have been for Jarel! But with the Lord, all things are possible - even the forgiving of a murderer.

2) Samis got his men addicted to opium, therefore making them dependent on it - and him, since he supplied it to them. Even thought Vari was away from Valhal and the evil man there, Samis still had a hold on him through the opium. It wasn't until Vari accepted the sweet assurance of Jesus Christ's redemptive blood that he was able to have the courage to stop taking the opium. This is just the way the devil works in our lives - even the small things you might be addicted to, the devil can use this to sidetrack you from what the Lord would have you do, or it could make you neglect other responsibilities. Have you ever had an addiction to something that caused you to shirk your walk with the Lord?

I think everyone has addictions - in some form or another. For me, it's often technology - texting with my friends, replying to emails, or working on a future post for me blog. Even though these all are not bad in and of themselves - to abuse them and neglect things IS bad. I have learned to set aside my phone when other things need to be done - and I've learned to text faster so I don't spend as much time replying! ;-) lol But whatever the reason, learning to manage your time and not to become addicted to something, is so important - especially in your home!

3) In the end, when Netta showed how completely she trusted Tahn, he still couldn't believe that he could be the cause of someones joy. But through Netta's gentle patience and continually pointing him to the Lord, he was able to see that Netta was there for him - and that she was within his reach. Have you ever had to minister to someone in this way? To show them that even if they didn't think themselves worthy - Christ saw them worthy, and so do you.
I can't say that I have, in the way Netta was able to. Netta's circumstance was unique and was certainly commendable. I loved the examples she showed Tahn when he continued to doubt - they are SO true and SO simple! Tahn's journey toward redemption and forgiveness was one of the most touching stories I have ever read - and I won't soon forget it!!

 ~ Katy


Renee Ann said...

Because of your book discussions, I shared with a student about the Tahn series. I think she'll love them!

Katie Marie said...

Oh really? Wonderful, Renee! I sure hope she loves them as much as I do!!!

~ Katy

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