Book Discussion - The Martyr's Song, Part 1

 Welcome to our 4th book discussion! This week we will be discussing The Martyr's Song by Ted Dekker.

The Martyr's Song (The Martyr's Song Series, Book 1)


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Ted Dekker has done it again! Being my #1 favorite author, I read every Dekker I can get my hands on, and never have I regretted picking one up! Gripping and emotional, this book draws you in at the first chapter,

In The Martyr's Song, you enter the life of a young girl named Marci, who's one desire is to be beautiful to the people around her, and that's what she asks for from the old botanist who offers help when she sees the young girls attitude toward life. The aging woman offers Marci a gift she did not expect nor desire; a story.
The story begins in a small and peaceful Bosnian village, but the town is turned upside down at the arrival of a small band of soldiers who bestow havoc upon the people, testing every one's faith and steadfastness.

For being only 128 pages long, this book is very thought provoking and challenges you to think about how you would respond when faces with such a perfidious evil. Because of the nature of the book and the small amounts of violence, I would recommend you read this before giving it to a child below the age of 13.
I highly suggest you read this book if you haven't already. Not only is it a great story, but it will also cause you to ponder your own faith and ask yourself how you would react in such horrid and devastating afflictions, and if you would be able to take a stand for what you believe, no matter the cost.

1) In the beginning of the book, Marci meets Eve and asks her to make her beautiful, and Eve begins to tell her story and prove what true beauty is.
How do you define true beauty? Why do you think our culture is so preoccupied with external beauty, rather than the beauty that comes from within?

It is honestly hard to answer the first question, as there are many characters of true beauty, several of them being a genuine love for giving, kindness, thankfulness, selflessness, etc...
I think that our culture loves a good show, and so that's what people think they need to put on; a show. Many people spend way too much time working on how they look on the outside rather than how they are on the inside, which is a major overlook in my opinion. Beauty comes from within, and if we're more worried about how we look on the outside we can't work on improving our inward characteristics, which are way more important. I think our society would be in much better condition if we focused on true beauty and enhancing that, rather than putting on a show.

2) Do you think Nadia was a fool for standing up for her faith? Or was she wiser than the rest? If you were in Nadia's shoes, what would you have done?
Nadia was definitely in the right there, and it just proves how wise a child can be. I'd like to say that I would do the same thing Nadia did, but that is just one of those things that you have to encounter to know for sure.

3) When Nadia and Father Micheal are near death, they both hear voices laughing and rejoicing. Whose voices do you think they were hearing?
Perhaps angels? The people who had died and gone to heaven before them? I can't be sure, but I have a feeling that Dekker was trying to get us to think that they were heavenly beings.
(Questions based on discussion questions on page 113-114 of "The Martyr's Song)

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Diane said...

I've only read one of his books but hear they are great. This one sounds very thought provoking. :O)

Trinity Rose said...

I loved this book and the ones to follow. Like you said it really makes you think. Ted Dekker is the greatest author. Thanks for sharing.
Trinity Rose

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