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Liz Peterson's mother is brutally murdered--and then her son is arrested for the crime, devastating the family to the point that Liz wonder if any of them will be left standing when it's all over. Can God's love and grace reach the deepest agony of the soul and bring, if not a meeting of the minds, a meeting of the hearts--and healing to a family torn apart by murder and betrayal?

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n/a(no romance was present in this book)

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My Son, John by Kathy Macias is the touching story of a family left confused and hurt after their eldest son, John, is arrested for the murder of their grandmother who was found brutally beaten and dead in her home.  Liz refuses to believe her son has done this terrible deed and is determined to discover the truth. But when her son refuses a trial and confesses guilty, Liz's world spins out of control.  Feeling hurt and betrayed that her son would confess to doing such a terrible crime, Liz struggles to remain sane as she watches her son struggle behind bars. Is a mother's unconditional love for her son still without condition, and can God pull this broken family back together?

This book was a pleasure to read and I really enjoyed it. It kept surprising me, I couldn't figure out how the story was going to end, which I personally liked!! There was nothing inappropriate or suggestive in this book at all, and I plan to let my 12 year old brother read it. This book is good for just about any age! The only thing I'd caution is that there is a little bit of violence in it. Nothing really descriptive, but sentences like "There was so much blood on the carpet, it's going to take weeks to clean up the house enough to think about selling it.", but it was all necessary in the story. :-)

If you enjoy curling up on the couch with one a mug of hot chocolate and a heart warming book, than this is the book for you! Purchase it HERE!

Book Discussion Questions:

1) Liz visits her son, John, in the jail where they have housed him before sending him to prison. The conditions of the jail astound Liz, and she's horrified that her son has been living in such a place.
Have you ever visited anyone in jail/prison? If so, what thoughts ran through your mind at the time? If not, would you be open to such a visit?

I have never visited anyone in prison, but I can imagine it would be kind of awkward and uncomfortable; especially if it was someone I know. I hope I am never obligated to visit either.  I would be open to a visit, but I'm pretty sure it would be terrible trying.

2) Liz's world falls apart when she hears the astounding news that her son has been arrested for the murder of her mother. Have you ever heard news about a friend/family member that turned your world inside out and tested your faith in God? Were you able to trust God with your situation?

Not as dramatic as Liz's, but there has definitely been news that made me think and pray a lot. Trusting God with the situations is sometimes difficult, but it proves to ease the burden a bit. :-)


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