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I’m giving this book 4 stars! Overall, it was an adventurous read that kept me guessing as curveballs were thrown continually into the story plot. The characters Natalie, Chad, and Joseph were real and engaging, and by the end of the story, I felt like I knew them personally. Lisa Harris did a great job portraying Natalie and Chad’s emotions, trials and thoughts!

In some places, I will admit, I thought that by adding more drama to the words, the scenes could have been hyped up a bit and have been more tense and suspenseful. I felt that she kept the unfolding events a bit factual. But let me assure you that it didn’t ruin the book – at all! I fully enjoyed my time in the Republic of Dhambizao and am looking forward to her next book in the series.

The romance in this book was a little more predominating in the plot – both characters think of their attraction to the other countless times during their fight for survival and justice. But besides a brief kiss, there isn’t anything improper.

Harris is a very talented author and has a lot of knowledge of life in the RD! I learned quite a few things about their lifestyle. And I liked how Harris focused on the illegal slave trade that is going on in other countries. I felt so bad for Joseph, who watched his family get taken away or killed! I admired his determination to go after the men who took his family, as well as Natalie and Chad’s resolve to expose the illegal business and bring the slave traders to justice.


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