Oops! :-/

Hey y'all! I just wanted to come on really quick to apologize for not posting our monthly giveaway on Friday!! I am in Tennessee at the moment - enjoying being up in the mountains with no cellphone service and limited Internet.


To my surprise, I am enjoying having little contact with outside world! ;-) At night, I get on for an hour or two to catch up on things, but other than that...I sit outside on the rustic porch that has a breathtaking view of the top of the mountain, turn up my music, and just enjoy the moment!!

So, ya...I kinda...forgot...about posting the giveaway on the 8th! I'm SO sorry! :-/ But, I will be posting it this coming Friday, the 15th, so check back sometime that day for a chance to win!

Thanks for visiting Book Ponderings! We enjoy reading your comments and thoughts, and if you ever have any suggestions or thoughts - we love to hear from our readers!!! ;-)

~ Katy


Carmen said...

Gorgeous view!

Katie Marie said...

Yes, isn't it?? I can see this from our cabin! It's a wonderful reminder of God's beautiful handywork!!! :-)

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Photo credit: Lori Warman