Book Discussion - My Son, John part 2

My Son, John

1) In the book, John is distant from his family and stands serperate from them at his grandmother's funeral. Later his is accused and arrested for the murder of his grandmother. Do you think John's seperation from his family had anything to do with the death of his grandma?  Have you ever felt like distancing yourself from your family in hard times?

Well, I don't want to give anything away by answering the first question, so I'll simply say that I think that John was distant so that his family wouldn't be able to read his emotions. I think he was trying to protect them from the truth and didn't want them to be hurt.
As to the second question, contrary to John's reaction, I seek the comfort of my family.  I think my family would pull together in a tough situation. But then again, we are all much younger than the characters of the book and all live together still. John was 23 and lived on his own by then. I doubt that would make a difference, though.

2) Eventually Liz struggles to continue loving her son after his unbelieveable confession. Have you ever felt the struggle to love someone after being told or witnessing them doing a sinful act?

Lucky for me, I can say no to this. I can imagine that it would be a very hard thing, though; to forgive someone who has sinned greatly - especially if it involves an offense against the family. But, the Bible does instruct us not only to love with an enduring love, but to forgive as Christ forgives us. So though it may be hard, we must choose to love unconditionally. :-)


apple blossom said...

I've read Kathi's book and it was excellent. I highly recommend any of Kathi's books. thanks

Unknown said...

Apple Blossom: Yes, it was very good! Between the two of us, we have read several Kathi Macias' and have enjoyed them thoroughly. Thanks for commenting!

- Kait

Kathi Macias said...

Thanks so much for posting this, my friend. Kacy alerted me to it. If you'd like copies of my new Extreme Devotion series, I'd be happy to send them for review. You can see them (and the video trailers) on my website ( Blessings!

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