Book Discussion - Code Traige, Part 2

Hey! And we're back - for the second group of questions about the book Code Triage by Candace Calvert.

1) Nick, Leigh, and Caroline go to a lot of trouble to make sure Harry and Antoinette can have their 60th wedding anniversary. They knew the importance to ?? that he have a anniversary dinner with his wife and a dance. Would you go out of your way to help a neighbor experience such a special night together?

Yes! I believe I would! Nick, Leigh, and Caroline did such a special thing, and touched their neighbors lives by just giving a little. Not many people now adays want to take the time to help others, but it's amazing what blessings it can give when we do go out of our way for others. In today's world, it's a lot of "me", that it's refreshing to see people thinking more about "others".

2) Leigh was reluctant to trust Nick again, but when she finally was, Nick found out that he wasn' the only one being untruthfully - in that Leigh kept her miscarriage a secret from him. What would you do if you discovered a spouse, sibling, or friend keeping secrets from you? Would you find it easy to forgive and trust again?

First thought, I'd say it would be difficult. But so many people have given me second chances, so why can I not learn to trust again? I'm not saying it wouldn't be hard, but God forgives us so freely, that it gives us the strength and grace to forgive others - and learn to trust again.

3) In the end, Leigh was willing to try again and build a marriage that would last "Forever and ever", as Cha Cha put it. Would you be willing to do whatever it took to make your marriage work and bring glory to God through it?

Yes! A marriage that speaks of Christ, is a marriage worth working for! I loved reading about Nick and Leigh, and their marriage once they determined to fight for it - it gives you hope for the future, and further determined me, with the Lord's help, to make my marriage "fireproof". ;-)


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