Book Discussion - Tahn, Part 1

For this week's discussion, I'm using one of my top favorite books, Tahn!! :-D There are a lot of great discussion question in this book, so it will be hard to only pick a handful of them, but I will give it my best shot! ;-)





Overall Impression:

5 big stars goes to this book - and it earned each and every one of them!! It was such a great book filled with a variety of different things; suspense, action/adventure, redemption, and just the perfect dash of innocent love. It can all be found in these pages! It's like Jason Bourne and Beauty and the Beast intertwined for one wonderful story that you will never forget! This book is definitely a keeper - I've already read through it from cover to cover 3 times! :-)

The story of Tahn's past is touching and heart wrenching; you can't help but want to touch his life in some special way, as Netta discovered. She found it easy to forgive someone who was so entirely selfless in every way of his life - always thinking of the others...the children...the lady. He knew he had hurt her life terribly, and never expected her to understand, yet that did not stop him from saving her life and keeping her safe while the dangers from Samis and the Baron Trent.

Reading his journey towards finding forgiveness in the Lord was so touching and special. Tahn felt himself so great a sinner, that I almost wanted to be beside Netta as she encouraged him and showed him how the Lord loves him because he is washed in Christ's blood, and the Lord only sees him as a spotless lamb through His son.

To sum it up, Tahn is a treasure to keep, and if you don't own it yet - go purchase it now! You can finite HERE for under $1.99 used; it is worth every penny! I highly recommend it to any person who enjoys a good medieval story that leave you with a lasting impression.


1) When Tahn had gotten the children safely out of Valhal, and even though he was safely in the clear, he turned back to rescue Vari, who had been sentenced to 'the wheel'. Would you be as willing to risk your safety a second time to return to the very jaws of Samis - a man Tahn feared and hated above all?

Wow, this is a tough question, if you think about it. Sure it might seem easy to do when you think about it - but actually carrying it out, going back to rescue a friend from a man you fear more than anything, is a challenge. Tahn was amazingly brave and selfless in near everything he did! Even though this is a fictitious story, he makes a good role model for other men to be as courageous and noble as he.

2) Even though Netta knew Tahn had murdered her husband, she was still willing to forgive him and put the past behind her - she saw who Tahn really was, a tormented soul in need of redemption. Would it be hard to give such complete forgiveness to someone who took something so precious from you?

Forgiveness sometimes sounds easy to give - often people think it's just as simple as saying "I forgive you" - but in truth, it's very hard. It's hard to truly forgive someone who has wronged you so much, to forgive them in your soul. But the Lord always gives us the strength to accomplish the trials He sets in our path, so if I rely on Him, I beleive he would give me the strength to forgive another.

3) Vari believed in the Dorn like no other, a loyal sidekick, and was willing to die to save him from Samis' men. At only 13, his experience under Samis had made a man of him already, and he loved the Dorn like none other. Have you ever been willing to do anything it took to keep a loved one safe?

Yes, I can say I have. With so many little siblings, when one of them have run into trouble, my first instinct is to help them, to protect them. My next thoughts is wanting to take their pain. I can understand Vari's feelings on this. My sisters are so precious - I would do anything to keep them safe, same as him.

~ Katy


Diane said...

Sounds like a great read. I hadn't heard of this one. :O)

Unknown said...

It was a great read! Although Katy wrote this post, I also read this book and it was GREAT! Definitely a keeper. I'd encourage you to read it!!

- Kait

The Ponderers said...

Diane - really? Oh, you really should get it! When I stumbled over this book, I felt like I had discovered a buried treasure! Ever since this book has been at the top of my favorites list! I highly recommend it!!!

- Katy

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