Book Discussion - The Martyr's Song, part 2

Here is the next set of questions!

1) Have you ever felt like Marie and just wished that you could be beautiful and noticed by others around you? How did it feel? Was your wish fulfilled? If so, how?
I have never had an immense or lingering desire to look beautiful to others, though I'm sure it's crossed my mind when I was younger, and perhaps even occasionally now. But I know a little from occasioanl thoughts, and I can imagine, that it is quite a burden to be worried about the way you look. It worries you constantly and can make your day miserable when you're having a bad hair day or a blemish pops up at the worst time. I've learned that there's nothing I can do, and that it is my actions that matter to God and that my friends don't care. I think it is very important to keep your focus on being beautiful in God's eyes, rather than others. So though it is sometimes a struggle, I work on that rather than external beauty. :-)

2) Millions die everyday. If you were to suddenly die today, would it be a good thing for you or a bad thing?
Well, I can't say it would be good or bad. I am completely certain where I will go after death, by God's grace, so I have no fear of death, but I do not anticipate it as I enjoy the time God has put me on this earth. Either way, I am content with whatever happens and have no worries about death.


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