Ponderin' The Past...In 3rd Century Rome

Rome. Everyone has heard of it. Many have been there and seen the spectacular sites that are famous world wide, such as the Rome Coliseum. But have you ever considered how it might have looked thousands of years ago?
I had a good look into the Roman history when I recently read Valeria's Cross by Kathi Macias and Susan Wales. I loved the history and found it fascinating. When I learned that some of the happenings in the books were true events, I knew it would make the perfect history post.

 Diocletian(Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus) reigned in Rome from 284 to 305. Galerius, one of his ceasers, is known for having martyred many Christians.
Diocletian was not anti-Christian during the first part of his reign, and many historians have claimed that Galerius decided to convince him into persecuting them by secretly burning the Imperial Palace and blaming it on Christian men.. Galerius was successful, and Diocletian's rage was aroused. He began one of the last and greatest Christian persecutions in the history of the Roman Empire.


The persecutions continued in many horrifying ways - racks, swords, daggers, crosses, poisons, and famine were used against the Christians. 
Valeria, daughter of Diocletian, marries Galerius. In the book, it happens to be that Valeria is a Christian and was in love with one of the Christian soldiers Galerius kills. Though there is no historical evidence to support this, I really enjoyed the story because of it. Valeria and her mother were once scourged because of their refusal to sacrifice to the pagan gods in the book. It made me wonder how it might have truly been if a wife of the emperor or ceaser claimed a faith in Christ. I enjoyed the perspective.

Galerius later succeeds Diocletian and continues to persecute the Christians. In May 311, Galerius dies and Constatine takes his place, ending the persecutions.

Well, that's the history in Valeria's Cross that is true. I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to readers 15+. Kathi Macias and Susan Wales did a great job on this one!
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Diane said...

Great history included. The book sounds great too. :O)

Tea said...

Yes, I have wondered what Rome must have looked like during biblical times. The pictures you have shown really helped me see it in a better light. It's God inspired to take time to remember those Christians who died as martyrs during that period. They had the Godly bravery to die for Christ.

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