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Today's Monday and the first day we are back on schedule here on Book Ponderings after the holiday! I must say - it's nice to be back! Kait and I have switched up the schedule some, so I hope you will like the new things we will be bringing you think year! So, let's get right into it! Monday's is going to be our Book Review day! Enjoy!

 Zach and Piper battle to save their little brother from the forces of darkness.
Zach and Piper aren't the only ones to notice their little brother's supernatural gifts. Something evil is also paying attention. Now the kids must learn to draw strength from heaven while being pursued by the powers of darkness.
The only thing more bizarre than the miracle Zach and Piper's six year old brother, Elijah, preformed is the strange note from their parents. So begins a wild chase across the country as the two attempt to find their father and mother and protect their brother. Unfortunately, trying to look "normal" isn't easy for three kids on the run in a borrowed motor home. And Elijah's habits of performing miracles doesn't help! Will aid from a mysterious strange be enough to assist in their escape from the evil pursuing them?




Overall Opinion:

This was a fun little read that is sure to entertain teens and preteens! I enjoyed the time I spent getting to know about the Dawkins and their unusually son, Elijah. The characters were fun, though had a few antics I thought a little annoyingly unrealistic. But besides a few minor areas, I enjoyed the quick read.

Piper and Zach made a funny group as they tried to protect their brother and find their parents. Even though they did not realize it, they made a good team! The only problem I found with these two characters was Piper’s over-exaggerated crush on Cody. Her inability to do anything when he was around was a little…unbelievable. I mean, I know girls can get giggly when a guy they like comes around – but to the extent of dropping your mouth and staring at the guy right in front of you who’s trying to talk to you…it was a little weird and got annoying very quickly!
Elijah was a neat character. Hard to get to know from a readers perspective on account I don’t remember him saying anything. It is obvious that he has special powers. When he multiplies their food I thought it was a little weird – too much like Jesus. But…maybe that was just me.
All in all, a fun read that I will probably read to my siblings or give to them to read. I do have a warning – it has a cliffhanger ending. Got to get the next book to continue the adventure! :-) Myers did a good job bringing teen fiction to the market!

If you'd like to purchase this book, you can get it for only $5 on - just use this link here to get directly there!
~ Katy


Charity U said...

Sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for the post! Also, I got "Christmas at Harrington's" today (which I won in your book giveaway). I can hardly wait to read it! Thank you SO much!

Katie Marie said...

Glad you liked the review!

Oh, that's great! Glad it got to you safe and sound! I enjoyed the read. :-)

~ Katy

MaureenT said...

At first this made me think of the Boxcar Children. I'm not one that enjoys books of fantasy...but you made this book sound like a nice read. I'm far from a teen, but I enjoy reading fun books!

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