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We decided to do some rearranging in our weekly schedule - as I am sure some of you have noticed this past week. From now on, on Friday's we will host Book Beginnings on Friday! Katy, over at A Few More Pages, hosts this every Friday and we thought it'd be fun to have Book Ponderings join the fun! If you are interested in doing this for your blog, check out Katy's blog for more details! we go


Last year I read a book called Skin by Ted Dekker and was enthralled with the suspenseful and climactic story. From the first few sentences you will be captured, anxiously awaiting the end and revealing of the truth.

When the rain isn't so much falling - be it in bucket loads or like cats and dogs - but rather slamming into the car like an avalanche of stone, you know it's time to pull over.
When you can't see much more than the slaphappy wipers splashing through rivers on the windshield, when you're suddenly not sure if you're on the road any longer, and your radio emits nothing but static. and you haven't seeen another car since the sky turned black, and your fingers are tense on the wheel in an attempt to steady the old Accord in the face of terrifying wind gusts, you know it's so totally time to pull over.

This opening is a great attention grabber, making you wonder what's going to happen in the following chapters. Will the person stop to stay safe or continue and end up hurt? What are they doing driving in such perilous weather? This book will keep you guessing and anticipating the next chapter until you turn the last page.

We'd love to hear what's the first line - or paragraph - of your current read. Feel free to share it with us in the comments! Are you liking the book so far? Was the first few lines enough to grip your attention? We're looking forward to hearing from you! :-)


Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Wow! That is a very compelling opener! Thanks for sharing.

Here's mine:

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Literary Feline said...

I feel like I'm right there in the text after reading that opening. I've been in storms like that and it's definitely no fun!

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