Book Review - Love On Assignment

While Charlotte is focusing on uncovering sordid information on columnist Daniel Wilmot, her heart leads her into uncharted territory.

During the summer of 1900 Charlotte Hale, a native Newporter and secretary for the Rhode Island Reporter, accepts an undercover assignment as temporary governess to Daniel Wilmont's children in order to secretly gather evidence against him. As he helps her rediscover God, Charlotte learns that Daniel is an honorable man. They unexpectedly fall in love despite their different backgrounds and social positions. Charlotte soon realizes she must defend Daniel against the forces set against him-a willful student with a romantic crush and the newspaper editor determined to destroy his reputation.




Overall Opinion:


This was a sweet novel that took place in Newport, Rhode Island - A city I once lived in! I didn't like Newport at all when I lived there, but I instantly fell in love with the town when portrayed in 1900. I found the scenery charming and enjoyed being able to picture everything in my mind. Cara Lynn James did a great job of giving the reader a pleasent view of Rhode Island.
The story was fairly unique, also and I enjoyed the twist on the normal love story. While I myself did not find this book exceptional as I like more than a simple love story in a book, I think many people would thoroughly enjoy it. The love story is sweet and charming.

Another pleasing aspect of this book is that it was very clean. Aside from a girl trying to make a guy fall in love with her, am occasional kiss between an unmarried couple, and someone trying to frame someone with having an affair, it was perfectly clean, and none of the pointed out warnings were prominent in the book.

The only thing I didn't like in this book was the theology...or lack of. It was very soft and it seemed almost as if Charlotte was claiming faith just so she could be relinquished of the guilt she felt. I never really got the feeling that she was truly giving her life, desires - her being - to God.  But, once again, not everyone share's my opinions or my own theological beliefs and this wouldn't bother them. It also wasn't a big downer for me, just something I noticed. :-)
This book was all around an interesting read, and as I too am a writer and conspioring author, I really liked reading Charlotte's story. I would defintely pick up another of James' books.
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Amanda Stephan said...

Thank you for your honest review ~ I've wondered about this book!

Renee said...

Great review, as always. It's good to know you have such a discerning eye. I can enjoy some books that don't make a big deal about having a personal relationship with Christ--like maybe a fast-paced mystery which focuses on good vs. evil. But when faith is supposed to be part of what is shaping the character, I'm really picky too!

Charity U said...

I awarded you on Austenitis!

Unknown said...

Amanda - You're welcome!

Renee Ann - Thanks! I agree with you there! It's why Dekker is one of my favorite authors - him, Peretti, and Gramckow - because they do just that. :-)

Charity - Thanks! We will check it out soon!

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