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Hello readers! Well, this past week has been a crazy one - for the both of us! I, Kait, haven't gotten much reading done as I was out of town for a majority of the week and was extremely busy that whole time. Sad! But I've a lot to read in the next two weeks so hopefully next time I shall have a much more substantial amount of books! ;)

The Journey (Kentucky Brothers)Recently I read The Journey by Wanda Brunstetter and really enjoyed the story. My review of this book can be found HERE. It was such a sweet story with lovable characters - I recommend this book to anyone who has enjoyed Brunstetter in the past. While this was far from being a favorite of mine of hers, it still was an excellent story. :)

The First Escape (The Dopple Ganger Chronicles)
The First Escape made it onto my reading list last week and what a cute book it was! You can read my full review HERE. I, and also my brothers, found this book interesting and gripping. It was really cool how it was written, with both comics, graphics, and plain text - it was a really cool book!

Miranda and Starlight (The Starlight Books, 1)Next I read Miranda and Starlight - a favorite of mine from when I was a child! Once again, I found myself being whisked away into Miranda's life. I remember reading these books when I was 10 or so and enjoying them tremendously. You can find my full review HERE or purchase this book for your child here!

Not My Will: How Much Will Surrender Cost

And lastly I read Not My Will by Francena H. Arnold. I really loved this book! It was my second time reading it, though I didn't realize it until the end when I noticed I knew how it would conclude. LOL. But I enjoyed this book greatly the second time around. While it was quite despairing at times, I was content by the end. Read my full review HERE! 


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