Ponderin' The Past...In the Alaskan Gold Rush

Hello readers! Sorry this post is so late! I, Kait, just got back from Disney World with our neighbors. I had a blast but didn't get back till about an hour ago, hence this post being late. But here I am! I've a lot to do, so here is a brief post about the Alaskan gold rush! :)

The Klondike Gold Rush, also known as the Yukon gold rush, took place in the late 1800s after Indian Skookum Jim Mason discovered gold deposits in Rabbit Creek. George Carmack was officially accredited for the discovery as Indians were frowned upon and people didn't think miners would like the discovery being accredited to an Indian.

Thousands upon thousands flooded Klondike, coming from all over the country to take part in this "get rick quick" escapade. Klondike exceeded it's intended capacity and reached a population of 40,000. Things began to get bad. Rations were disappearing, and inexperienced men came to try to make the fortune, not anticipating the bitter cold, dangerous trek, air bourne illnesses, and it ended up costing their lives.

Many made their millions. The gold rush lasted three years or so before people started to stop flowing into Alaska. Many people died because of their desire for riches, but many found a vein and made a fortune off of their hard work.

Sorry this post is so short - if you would like to learn more you can check out this info on it - but it's late, I'm tired, and there's lots to be done! Until next time! :)
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