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Hey all! This post will be kind of breif, as I will be heading out the door to go to my church picnic in another hour. It's an all day event, and I can't wait!

While the list of books I have read in the last two weeks isn't lengthy, its more than I thought I would have to bring to you today. I hope you enjoy browsing through what I have read. :-)

Wolves Among Us: A NovelI've seen the name Ginger Garrett around quiet a bit, but her newest novel - Wolves Among Us - is the first book I have read by her. I enjoyed it and learned a lot in the process (which is always a bonus!). If you want to read my full review of this book, go HERE. :-)

Jewel of PersiaNext I was able to download Roseanna White's newest biblical fiction book, Jewel of Persia and began reading it almost immidently. It was really good! Her view of the story of Esther was completely unique and refreshingly different than the normal story. I should have a review up in a couple of weeks, Lord willing, and then you all can see what I think of this fabulous book of Roseannas. In the meantime--get a copy of it and see for yourself!

Deepest Waters, The: A NovelI reviewed The Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh for Revell last week. With a refreshingly unique writing voice, this book was powerful and pulled the reader into the lives of John and Laura. I have written my review for this book already and you can read it HERE if you like.

The Glassblower (HEARTSONG PRESENTS - HISTORICAL)I have read The Glassblower by Laurie Eakes in the past, but picked it up again the other day for a reread. :-) I enjoyed it just as much as the first time around! I will be starting The Heiress soon, and am looking forward to reading more by Laurie Eakes. She has an amazing talent with her words. I always enjoy her books!

The Journey (Kentucky Brothers)The Journey is a new book coming out by Wanda Brunstetter and I was able to review an ARC of it recently. My review for this book is already posted and can be found HERE. I enjoyed this story and it was neat to see that the legacy of the Fisher family is continuing on in this new series. It was a fun read!

Diagnosis Death - Prescription for Trouble Series #3Last, I finished Diagnosis Death by Richard Mabry just the other day. While this is the third book in his Perscription for Trouble series, I jumped right into this book and enjoyed every minute of it. My review is posted HERE. I have the first book in the series in my TBR pile, and I now look forward to diving into the world of Code Blue's medical world soon!


Amanda Stephan said...

Congrats! You've just been awarded the Stylish Blogger award! http://authoramanda.blogspot.com/2011/04/stylish-blogger-award.html

I love your blog ~ I like how you set these up and your comments. Truly something worth looking at before I buy a book. Thanks for all the time you put into it!

Katie Marie said...

Amanda - Thanks so much for the award and your encouraging comments!! :-D

~ Katy

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