Book Beginnings - False Pretenses

It's Friday, so here is my Book Beginnings on Friday!Katy, over at A Few More Pages, hosts this every week and we thought it'd be fun to have Book Ponderings join! If you are interested in doing this for your blog, check out Katy's blog for details on what to include in the post!

False Pretenses: A Novel (Secrets of Roux River Bayou)

Shelby Sieger sat straight up in bed, clutching her pillow. Trembling. Had she called out again--or imagined it? She clamped her eyes shut and listened. Had she awakened anyone else at the Woodmore House?
An entire minute passed without a sound. She threw back the covers and slid her legs over the side of the bed, groping the nightstand until she found the thin metal chain on the lamp--and pulled it. Sicty watts instantly transformed the room. Why should a twenty-seven-year-old woman feel safer with the light on?

While it isn't a heart-pounding beginning, it certainly intrigued me to keep reading! :-) I cannot wait to be able to read the rest of this book. I haven't ever read anything by Kathy Herman, but I have heard a lot of good things about her book. So...we shall see! :-)

We'd love to hear what's the first line - or paragraph - of your current read. Feel free to share it with us in the comments! Are you liking the book so far? Was the first few lines enough to grip your attention? We're looking forward to hearing from you! :-)


Helen's Book Blog said...

The author did a good job of setting up the story: what has Shelby so spooked? I hope there's a great story to follow

Tales of Whimsy said...

Oooo I want to know. Great start!

Here is my BBF

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, this one sounds good...I like the lights on, too; darkness can hide all kinds of scary things....


Tea said...

I would like to read that one. Kathy Herman, by the way, is a very nice person. I've met her more than once of Facebook.

Katie Marie said...

Helen - Yes, she did! I am also very curious. From there, I peeked down another paragraph or two, and the questions and tension just continue to build! I can't wait to get to this one. :-)

JuJu - Thanks for the link! I'm on my way to check it out.

Laurel - Yes, the darkness vs. light is a neat add. Makes me wonder what it is that has Shelby scared of the dark!

Tea - Oh really? Too cool! She seems like a great author, from what I have read. :-)

~ Katy

Katy said...

That is an intriguing beginning! Something has definitely got her spooked.

Thanks for participating in Book Beginnings!

Deborah Lynne said...

Kathy Herman showed her character's fear. The reader felt it with her. Grabbed my attention and like others above, I too would want to read on.

You mentioned you would like us to share the first paragraph of what we are reading. I don't know if this is okay, but I'm actually reading my first novel ever released. I downloaded it on my Kindle today and started reading. It came out in December 2007 and I have 3 more books since. I was reading my book as if I'd just pulled it off the shelf for the first time. Here goes:

Grace, a Gift of Love by Deborah Lynne

Finally, she was there. Was Dena Lewis crazy for coming to a place she didn't know? She had to least a little bit, she told herself. No one in her right mind would fly over one thousand miles across the country to a place she had never been before to meet a woman she didn't know, who, if she was telling the truth, would make Dena's whole life a lie. This woman claimed to be her birthmother. Surely, at the age of twenty-five a woman would know if she was adopted or not.

I have 3 more novels out, with the latest one at LifeWay-- Passion from the Heart. (One you are interviewing me on May 17th for). The first chapter of all 4 novels are on my website, as well as a book trailer for the latest two novels. Thanks for letting me share.

Deborah Lynne said...

Web site for Deborah Lynne is

Forgot to add it in the comment above, so I'm adding it after the fact.

Have a blessed Easter weekend.

amber said...

"The distant hoofbeats were growing louder. Elisabeth Kerr quickly pushed aside the curtain and leaned out her carriage window. A cool spring rain, borne on a blustery wind, stung her cheeks. She could not see the riders on horseback, hidden by the steep hill behind her. But she could hear them galloping hard, closing the gap."

I'm reading "Mine is the Night" by Liz Curtis Higgs and excited to see what happens!


Katie Marie said...

Katy - Oh, we so enjoy doing these posts!!

Deborah - Thanks for sharing! You have an intriguing beginning! Yes, I am looking forward to hosting you on my blog soon. :-) I have Passions of the Heart in my TBR pile. Cant wait!

Amber - Ohh! I am reading Mine is the Night too! So far, it is really good! A neat retelling of the story of Ruth, though it makes me wish I had read the book before, Here Burns My Candle, so I could've read the whole story! Oh well. Thanks for sharing!!

~ Katy

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