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Good Saturday morning everyone! I know this is a brief post, but my church has had a singing workshop all day Friday and nearly all day Saturday. Right now (Friday night, 11 PM) I am more than beat, but made sure to sit down and give you the books I've read recently. (Don'tcha love the automatic publishing option on blogger?? :-P) 

Anyways! Getting back on track, I haven't read too much this week, but was able to read a few the week before.


Promises to KeepPromise to Keep by Ann Tatlock was a very enjoyable read that drew me into the story and into Roz's life. How complex and confused this girl must have been with all the changes she's had to go through and how she has to deal with her desperate longing for a father. You can read my detailed review HERE if you want to learn more about this wonderful work by Ann.

Love Amid the Ashes: A NovelI was excited to read Mesu Andrews debut biblical fiction, Love Amid the Ashes. It conveyed a unique story of Job through the eyes of Jacob's tainted daughter, Dinah. What a powerful story! I thoroughly enjoyed the read and was caught up in everything that happens, even though I've read the story of Job countless times! You can read my review HERE, if you want to find out more!

Surrender the WindNext I picked up Surrender the Wind by Rita Gerlach. She's a new author to me, though I know she's working on a new series to release next year. This book was a grand adventure that, to my surprise, had quiet a few curve balls thrown in and just when I thought everything was about to slow down - something else happened! Certainly a fun read!

Waterfall: A Novel (River of Time Series)I have been excitedly expecting the release of the first in a new series by Lisa Tawn Bergren - Waterfall. When it finally came in, I could hardly wait to begin the first page. I was seriously antsy with excitement! Well, once I began, I flew through the pages! What an AWESOME book!! Totally amazing! I can't sing its praises high enough, but you can go HERE to read my review and find out more. (GET THIS BOOK!!)

Cascade: A Novel (River of Time Series)Almost immediately after finishing that, I picked up my ARC of Lisa Bergren's next book in the series, Cascade. I thought this would be impossible after reading Waterfall - but Cascade was even better! Wowza! Gabi was such an amazing heroine - I loved her! And Lia was awesome, too! As were the hero's, Marcello and Luca. :-D

Lilly's Wedding QuiltAfter taking a day of rest from reading and just revelling in reliving the past two books I'd read, I picked up Lilly's Wedding Quilt by Kelly Long. It's the first book I've read by the author and, while I absolutely loved her writing style and the lessons she shows in her story, there were a few kissing scenes that I grew uncomfortable with. You can read my detailed review to find out more, HERE.

The Edge of RecallI've had The Edge of Recall by Kristen Heitzmann in my TBR pile for some time now and finally picked it up the other day. I am so glad I did. It was an amazing adventure! At times, when I was reading the creepy scenes, I'd have to make sure I was not sitting in my room alone! lol! :-P Reading about this being that crawled out from underneath her bed gave me second thoughts about reading the book, alone, in my room, on my bed, with the door locked! I hope to post the review for this book in a few days.

No Safe HavenLast night I finished No Safe Haven by Kimberly Woodhouse and her daughter, Kayla Woodhouse. The style of writing was very intriguing and I loved all the different POV they had! I have yet to write a review for this book but, again, I hope to have one posted on my personal book blog sometime this week, Lord willing. The Woodhouse team is SO talented! I am eagerly looking forward to their next release!


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