Book Review - Tomorrow's Garden

As a seed awaits the spring sunshine, so one young woman hopes for a brighter tomorrow.

Harriet Kirk is certain that becoming the new schoolteacher in Ladreville, Texas, is just what she needs--a chance to put the past behind her and give her younger siblings a brighter tomorrow. What she didn't count on was the presence of handsome former Texas Ranger Lawrence Wood--or the way he affects her fragile heart. But can Harriet and Lawrence ever truly conquer the past in order to find happiness?

Book 3 in the Texas Dreams series, Tomorrow's Garden is a powerful story of overcoming the odds and grabbing hold of happiness.




Overall Opinion:


With some knowledge of the people in the Texas Dreams series behind me (I have read Scattered Petals) and the pretty, cheerful, springtime cover, I was very confident that I would enjoy this new release. Amanda Cabot did not disappoint me. Tomorrow’s Garden was a very pleasant read; the perfect book to curl up with under a tree outside on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.

Harriet was a rather complex character that, while I enjoyed getting to know her in this book, I didn’t connect with her as much as I would have liked. Though we did share one thing in common—the enjoyment we get when discussing books. But even though I didn’t connect with this character as completely as I would have liked, I still enjoyed reading about her. She reminds me a lot of my older sister—she’s a mother hen as well. Ruth was probably the one I grew to understand and connect with the most, and maybe that is because I am a second-oldest daughter myself! :-) I was glad to see that Lawrence—now a former Texas Ranger—was back, as I really grew to like him in Scattered Petals. He is a complex character as well, which makes him the perfect match for Harriet.

While a bit predictable almost from the very first pages, Tomorrow’s Garden still delivered a few surprises along the way. The courtship of Karl was rather humorous, though if I had been the one he was courting I would not have born it! I was rather disappointed in Harriet’s reaction over Lawrence’s occasional drink. I felt it was a bit overmuch on Harriet’s part. But maybe that is just me. The addition of her troubled teenage brother, Jake, also threw in some surprises along the way and added to the story. In the end, I was right in how the book would end, but it didn’t make me enjoy the book less. There were enough surprises and special moments to keep me turning the pages.

Amanda weaves together a lovely story, her words bringing the characters to life. While it didn’t play on my emotions as much as I usually like books to do, it still was written with an undercurrent of feelings. Both Harriet and Lawrence deal with many things during the course of this book and though I never connect enough to ache with the characters, these emotional struggles were still believable.

Tomorrow’s Garden is the third and last installment to Amanda’s Texas Dreams series. It’s a lovely ending, though I am sure fans of this series will be sad to leave Ladreville. But with more from Amanda promised in the near future, I think they will be able to leave Harriet and Lawrence in Ladreville with Sarah, Clay, Priscilla, and Zach. It’s a sweet conclusion to this series.


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