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Good morning everyone! Here is the list of books I have read over the last two weeks. :-)

Tomorrow's Garden: A Novel (Texas Dreams)First off, I read Tomorrow's Garden, a new release by Amanda Cabot. The final book in her Texas Dreams series, this book is a sweet ending. Getting to know Lawrence more was great - after the way his story ended in Scattered Petals, I was hoping he'd have his chance at happiness. The way he reached out to Harriet's brothers also was very sweet. If you'd like to read my full review of this, you can go HERE.

Bound by GuiltThe first book I have read by C.J. Darlington, and it was awesome!!! Bound By Guilt is the story of Roxi, an unloved teenager who has gone from foster home to foster home, longing for love. My heart bled with Roxi through it all. When Jan stepped into her life, I could almost imagine how she seemed to Roxi - a guardian angel. As the story approached the ending, the tensions mounted and I could not put the book down. I HIGHLY recommend this book. Read my review HERE.

The Priest's GraveyardAre you a Ted Dekker fan? If so, you MUST get his newest release, The Priest's Graveyard. As I read, only one word could describe my thoughts of this amazing thriller--AWESOME!!!  While a bit on the violent and goary side, I still enjoyed the adventure with Danny and Renee. When the book finally came to a pulse-pounding conclusion, I was left satisfied with the way it ended, but sad that it was over. Its one of those books that, when you reach the ending, you flip back and begin re-reading the highlights again. Go HERE to read my review.

Mine Is the Night: A NovelAfter my heart rate slowed down from that read, I picked up Liz Curtis Higgs new book, Mine is the Night. I confess that I had a bad impression of Liz Higgs writings after reading one of her other historical Scottish series when I was too young for the content, so I admit that I went into this story with some trepidation. But I was pleasently surprised. It was wonderful! My review of this book can be found HERE. An easy read, I found myself getting lost in their adventures. When I finished, I was sad to leave Elisabeth, Jack, Marjory, Gibson, Anne, Michael, and Peter. What an endearing cast of characters!

Dawn of a Dream, The (At Home in Beldon Grove)The Dawn of a Dream by Ann Shorey was a very nice read. The beginning is swift and almost before you can comprehend, Luellen is faced with a big tragedy--her husband leaves her. As she tries to pick up her shattered life and get the teaching degree she has always wanted, one after another thing comes into her life and tries to knock her down. You can read my review HERE. I was a little dissapointed in the way she handled one situation, but I know that is probably just me. I am sure that fans of Ann's work will love this last book in her At Home in Beldon Grove series.

Yesterday's TomorrowNext on my list was debut author Cathrine West's book, Yesterday's Tomorrow. I can tell you I wasn't all sure what to expect from here, but I was completely taken back by this gritty story of a woman's journey over to war-torn Vietnam. It didn't take me long to become completely lost in Kristin's adventures. I was cheering for her to the very end. I haven't posted my review yet, but will be posting it on Monday, so feel free to stop by Legacy of a Writer! :-)

Undaunted Faith (Seasons of Redemption)I've seen Andrea Boeshaar's previous three books around a lot, but was only just able to read her upcoming release, Undaunted Faith. The last book in her Seasons of Redemption series, this book tells the story of two of the McCall men, Luke and Jacob. I enjoyed this read and will have a review posted on Legacy of a Writer on Tuesday. Stop by! :-)

Livvie's Song (River of Hope, Book 1)And finally, I just finished Livvie's Song by Sharlene MacLaren the other day. I still haven't written a review for this book, but will be posting it on my blog in a week or so. It was a fun read and threw me a few surprises as the story progressed that I wasn't expecting. All the characters were fun to get to know, and one in paticular really got under my skin! (always a sign of a well-written character!)


Charity U said...

I'll look forward to hearing what you thought of Livvie's Song! I just finished it today and enjoyed it a lot. :)

starryruth said...

Hi, its great to finally find a book review blog that focuses on Christian stuff! I am a university literature student in the UK and was wondering if you have ever read/reviewed Patricia St John's works? - especially 'Treasures of the Snow'. It is a wonderful teenage book that I read when I was young, and partly the reason I became a christian- take a look at it if you haven't already!

Dawn Crandall said...

Your blogs are amazing, Katy!!!!

Katie Marie said...


My review for that book is going out on my other blog, Legacy of a Writer, later this week. Thursday or Friday, I believe, so stop by! I'm glad you enjoyed it, I did too! The plot wasn't anything like what I expected. :-D

~ Katy

Katie Marie said...


Thanks so much for stopping by! Kait and I are two teens devoted to talking about the awesome christian books out there. If you are looking for more reviews on books, check out our personal blogs. Kait's is www.reviewsbyjane.blogspot.com and mine is www.katieslegacy.blogspot.com.

Yes, I have heard of her. The only book I have read by her is Treasures of the Snow! :-D Yes, it was an amazing book. We also watched the movie made from that book and it is equally as moving. Lots of lessons to learn in that book! Thanks for commenting!

~ Katy

Katie Marie said...


Thanks, girl! I'm crazy about writing and reading, and blogging about the awesome christian books out there is always fun. :-D

~ Katy

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