Thanksgiving Vacation

Hello readers! I'm very sorry to say this, but this past week I've not read much of anything, besides The Handmaid And The Carpenter by Elizabeth Berg, which I highly suggest you read, and Red Ink by Kathi Macias which I am still going through and am enjoying very much, so I will not be posting the normal What I've Been Reading today. SO sorry; I've been busy! :-)

Also, I've been talking to my wonderful writing companion and we've decided to take off a week for Thanksgiving, as we will both be on vacation and away from home. So, that being said, we will return Monday to announce the winner of our giveaway and to continue writing with our normal schedule. Hope everyone stays safe on their travels to see family or friends this holiday and has a marvelous time. Happy Thanksgiving; see y'all next Monday!


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Photo credit: Lori Warman