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Today instead of posting the part 2 of the book discussion, I will be posting an interview I did with Kacy Barnett-Gramckow! Hope y'all enjoy this special, surprise post!

First off, would you mind telling us a bit about yourself and something

about you that might surprise your readers?

I’m a very ordinary person, really. I write freelance—from contract to
contract—and my day-job is clerking and arranging flowers in a florist
shop, which is not as easy as it seems. I write to relax. My husband is an
editor and we both love books, so he understands and encourages my writing
Surprising things about me? Hmm. Okay, I’ve been dropped 1,000 feet below
the earth’s surface in a metal cage twice—and loved it—researching mines.
I’ve also been caught in a volcano-induced mudstorm, threatened at
gunpoint, and once had a knife held to my throat while quietly minding my
own business. These unexpected adventures will undoubtedly end up in my
books, though they’re rarely fun while I’m living them.

Haha I've tried arranging flowers like you cool people at the florist shop do...let's say that it didn't turn out to well for the poor flowers. :-P
Volcano-induced mudstorm?
Held at gun-point?
Knife to your throat?!
You have quite the adventurous life, Kacy! Wow! But they're cool stories to tell your kids and grandkids I suppose. :-)
But anyway, back to the interview. What inspired you to write your books, The Heavens Before, He Who Lifts The Skies, and A Crown In The Stars?

My sister-in-law, Kathi Macias, is an editor and writer. I saw a manuscript she was working on, years ago, and foolishly thought, “I can do this!” That was the beginning of my writing journey, which led to The Genesis Trilogy.

I thought it was SO cool when I learned that Kathi Macias was a relative of yours! That's the best way to be inspired - by another writer that you know! (I think it must say something about the author who inspired you too!) That's how I was inspired, also, but I'm still working on my story. :-)
What prompted you to write in the Biblical time of Noah for The Heavens Before and then The Tower of Babel for He Who Lifts The Skies and A Crown In The Stars?

The Heavens Before (Genesis Trilogy)My husband and I were researching the Creationism/Evolution debate with our sons and The Heavens Before was prompted by my fascination with the Genesis Flood. What was it like to survive such a cataclysm? To be one of only eight survivors left on earth?

He Who Lifts the Skies (Genesis Trilogy)He Who Lifts the Skies took shape during my research for The Heavens Before. I was intrigued by the possible origin of goddess worship, and Nimrod—the first king to rule after the Great Flood.

A Crown in the Stars naturally emerged from He Who Lifts the Skies. To my knowledge, the Tower of Babel had never been presented in novel form, and I welcomed the challenge!

A Crown in the Stars (Genesis Trilogy)
Hmm that's cool! I too was intrigued by your writings; it was great to learn more about those times!
How has your faith influenced your writings?

Everything I write ultimately reveals my faith. All authors sit down at the computer with their own beliefs, their own unique experiences, and their individual take on the novelist’s most important question, “What if…?”

My Lord is very real, very personal, ALIVE, and I love to share His Word through fiction!

Yes I love how alive and personal our LORD is! :-) I loved how you incorporated your beliefs into the story also!
Did you base any of your characters on people you really know?

No. However, I’ve always enjoyed watching people, and studying how events shape humans—and how humans interact with each other at various life-stages. I love watching characters come to life in my work, with attitudes and unique quirks that draw readers into their world.

Yes you did a very good job at drawing us in; and that's one of the reasons! Your characters and their personalities were so realistic!
Who was your favorite character to write? Which do you think you are most like?

You’re asking a mom to pick her fave kid? It can’t be done! Nope. Not going there—they’ll come after me.

Who am I the most like? I’m not sure, though I related very strongly to Keren in He Who Lifts the Skies. Tyrants bring out the rebel in me.

Haha I think I most related to Keren too! I love rebelling(when it's safe to at least. :-p)
When you started writing, where did you begin? With an outline? Or did you just jump into it and let the story form as you wrote?

Usually, I write a rough synopsis—a brief summary of the story. I also research my timeline and setting, then I dive in and write the story. As characters emerge on the page, I allow them a bit of free rein to see what they’ll do—but the rein is still there. Authors have to be careful: characters are known to plot rebellions and overthrow timelines.

YES! I know how that is! Characters, though from our imagination, do seem to have a mind of their own sometimes! :-)
Which book was your favorite to write? Which one required the most research? And which took the longest time to write?

My current work-in-progress! LOL! Of the Trilogy, it would have to be The Heavens Before, though I LOVED each manuscript and most of the characters. The Heavens Before required the most research, and provided the basis for the sequels. However, from start to finish, The Heavens Before took only six months to write because I was so inspired and consumed by the story.

That's cool! I CAN'T wait to read your next book!
In The Heavens Before, Shem and Annah were your two main characters. If your book were made into a movie, who would you have play their parts?

I don’t know. Can you believe it? I haven’t seen an actor or actress who matches Annah or Shem—though I’d welcome reader suggestions.

Hear that readers? Let's hear your suggestions for actors and actresses who resemble Annah and Shem! I personally think Tiffany Dupont would make a good Annah. I can't decide for Shem though!

Who is your favorite author, Kacy?

OH, this is such a dangerous question! If we’re discussing strictly fiction, I’d say Donita K. Paul, Susan Meissner, Karen Hancock, Athol Dickson, and Tosca Lee, among others. Many others—and I’m going to regret not mentioning them all.

Haha I know it's hard to pick just a few favorite authors; there are SO many amazing writers out there!
Have you started or are you planning on writing another book? If so, can you give us some insight on it?

I’m currently working on a Fantasy Biblical Fiction manuscript, PROPHET, which is about five chapters from completion. Inspired by OT prophets. Distant time, distant place, a seventeen-year-old girl is asked to become the Infinite’s prophet. She knows that if she accepts, she will die young. However, she also knows she cannot live unless she hears the Infinite’s voice. I’m surprised by my main character’s sense of humor….

AWESOME! I can't wait for it to come out! :-D
How can our reader's reach you?

Facebook, of course! My husband and I are also rebuilding our website, so typing my name into a search engine is currently the way to go :)

Thanks so much for being willing to do an interview and giveaway with us! It was fun!

Thank you, Kait, and Readers—I appreciate you!

This interview was also posted on my personal review blog - Reviews By Jane - and there you can also find the giveaway of the first book in Kacy's series - The Heaven's Before! Go here now to enter for a chance to win an AMAZING book!


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Wow! What an exciting life, but I don't think I envy you. Very scary! I hope after all that has happened to you that you are able to use these incidents in one of your books!
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