Book Discussion - Sworn to Protect, Part 2

Hey all! I'm so glad to be back into the blogging world, though I am glad I was able to go down to Orlando for an amazing experience! If you wanna read a little bit about my campaigning experiences for Daniel Webster, you can read my post on The Legacy of a Writer HERE!!

But anyway, here is the next part in the discussion questions for DiAnn Mills book, Sworn to Protect!

1) Alex has his own personal views about undocumented immigrants. How are they different from Danika's?

They were very different from Danika's. Maybe it was largely because he was a doctor and felt the need to help anyone who needed it. He saw that many of the illegal immigrants were truly trying to find a better life, or help support loved ones left across the border in Mexico. These people would have been happy to go through the right channels to get permission to go into America, but these were difficult, if not impossible, for many to get. In contrast, Danika believed that no matter what the reason, crossing the border without going through the proper channels was wrong - end of story.

2) Jacob made a renewed commitment to God and his family. Do you think he will be able to keep his word? Why or why not?

Yes, I think he will. He realized that he almost lost his family through his blind bitterness at his brothers death. Because he focused so much on the deceased, he very nearly lost those still alive and dear to him. Since he woke up to this fact, and truly understood Jesus' saving powers of Grace and forgiveness, I believe - if he continues to put his trust in the Lord - that he will slowly but surely build his family back together.

3) Before reading this novel, what was your opinion of the Border Patrol and the immigration debate?

I really didn't have an opinion on them - I didn't really know much. But after reading this book, I understand it all more clearly. While I understand that they want to keep drug dealers and people up to no good out of America, I can't help but feel sorry for the people - like Sandra - who truly needed a job and new life to support her parents back in Mexico. Sandra's story was very touching and sad...

~ Katy


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