Book Discussion - Kingdom's Dawn

Sixteen-year-old Leinad thought he was a common farmer’s son, nothing more. He wondered why his father had trained him for years to master the sword—not exactly a tool of the trade for farmers—but one tragic event initiates a world of revelation.

Only then does he begin to understand his calling—a calling no other man in the entire kingdom of Arrethtrae can fulfill—a calling given to him by the King Himself.

Teamed with a young slave girl, Leinad is thrust into adversity and danger—for the Dark Knight and his vicious Shadow Warriors will stop at nothing to thwart the King’s plan to restore the kingdom. Leinad will need more than a sharp blade and a swift hand to fulfill his mission and survive the evil plots of the King’s sworn enemies!

Journey to Arrethtrae , where the King and His Son implement a bold plan to save their kingdom; where courage, faith, and loyalty stand tall in the face of opposition.; where good will not bow to evil—and the future of a kingdom lies in the hands of a young man.




Overall Impression:

Ranking in my top ten, Kingdom’s Dawn by Chuck Black captivated my attention from the first chapter. The story of young Leinad as he struggles through the book to stay loyal to the King, even in the midst of many toils, demonstrates the loyalty we should have to our King, the LORD. The book had some very good values in it, teaching that faith, love, and loyalty to our King will result in a prosperous life, and though hard times and trouble will come, that steadfastness and belief that the King has a plan for our lives and trusting in Him is the right thing to do. Kingdom's Dawn is the Bible retold in story form, which was very interesting. Kingdom’s Dawn would be good to read together as a family and compare the happenings in the book to the happenings in the Bible. The discussion questions at the back of the book would be great to ask children and get them thinking.
I loved how it used biblical principles as a base for the story line. It was awesome! Every one I know who has read it LOVES it and can't wait for more. :-)
I highly recommend Kingdom’s Dawn!!! Whether you’re 10 or 30, you will thoroughly enjoy the journey of Leinad and his friends as they learn the true meaning of loyalty and how to dedicate their lives to the One who gave life to all.

1) Leinad has grown up thinking that he was just the son of a farmer his whole life, but that is suddenly proven untrue. In just a few hours, Leinad's identity is changed.
Have you ever thought that you were someone who you suddenly realized you weren't. Whether it be that you thought you were a selfless person and realized you were selfish, or you learned that you were adopted? What kind of a change took place in your life at that time?

Well, I can honestly say I haven't REALLY found out I'm someone other than who I thought I was, but of course we always have moments in our lives where we realize we are not being who we should and are inside ourselves someone other than we thought. Sometimes it is a good thing; perhaps we realize that we are being to hard on ourselves and are really just the person God intends us to be, and sometimes we realize that though we thought we were doing something right, we aren't and must change. So, unlike Leinad, I never learned that I was someone other than who I was raised to be, but there will always to times where we will have a sudden recognition that we aren't who we should be. The change is sometimes hard - especially if it's a habit - but it's always worth it to change and become a more obedient person in God's eyes!

2) Leinad's father immediately takes Tessa under his wing when he finds her trying to steal fruit, and Leinad automatically takes an older brother role in her life. Tessa is a bit confused as to why they would care for her so, but she quickly learns to love them as family.  Have you ever seen someone fallen and helpless and stopped to help them? Have you ever been the fallen and helpless? How did it feel to be rescued and cared for?

Haha well I suppose the best example of this is God's rescuing of us! We are ALL fallen and helpless; but thanks to our generous and merciful Father, we are able to be forgiven and lifted up once more. How does it feel to be rescued and cared for? Could that even be expressed in words? I do not believe it can! The realization that we are loved and always taken care of in our greatest and least times of trouble is an extreme, overflowing joy! It feels miraculous...and that's what it is. :-)


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