Book Discussion - Sworn to Protect, Part 1

Hey all! I've been away for a while - I know! But I am happy to be back from a weeklong trip down to Orlando to campaign for Daniel Webster. It was fun and a really neat experience! And to top it all off, our hard work paid off when Webster won the election for U.S Congress!!! :-D

But anyway! I will try to do a post on my blog about my campaigning experience - complete with pictures - sometime soon! But today is our weekly book discussion! And for this one I'm going to use a book by DiAnn Mills - Sworn to Protect! It's her second book in her Call of Duty series!

Danika Morales has sworn to protect our borders.
But that oath has come with a price.

Two years ago, her husband was shot and killed trying to help undocumented immigrants - the very people Danika, a Border Patrol Agent, is responsible for deporting. His murder was never solved.

Now, a recent string of attacks and arrests leads Danika to believe her husband's death may have been part of a larger conspiracy, and it appears that she's the next target. When the Border Patrol discovers that one of their own is leaking top-secret information, Danika turns to the only person she can trust - a doctor at the local medical clinic. Together they search for answers before more innocent lives are destroyed.





Overall Impression:

I wasn’t really sure as to how many stars to give it…I mean, I liked the story, but it wasn’t a suspenseful book (You know who the bad people are early on in the book) and I was disappointed in the romantic part of the story. DiAnn’s first book in the “Call of Duty” series, Breach of Trust, was more thrilling, in my opinion. But this book was a good read.

As I mentioned, there wasn’t a lot of suspense in this book (Unlike Breach of Trust, which kept you guessing who the bad guy was till the last few pages!). It didn’t have as many twists and turns as I was hoping for, though the action in the book did keep me turning the pages to find a resolution for all the problems Danika had to face.

The death of one person in this book took me by surprise and I must confess, I was sad at the murder. Throughout the book, I had been able to grow very close to this character – closer to than even the main character – and to read about her unnecessary death made me depressed. But then, often in this world of drugs, crime, etc, the innocent are often plowed down. So I commend DiAnn for writing a novel that portrayed the real world fully – not sparing characters to get a message to her readers.

The love story in the book, as I said, was a little disappointing. I didn’t really feel the growing attachment between the two characters – they just saw each other and were automatically attracted to each other. I usually don’t really care for these kinds of romances, as it’s unrealistic and just shows that the love isn’t based on solid foundations, but sudden feelings (That don’t last forever). So in this part of the book, I found little interest in.

But, nonetheless, the book was a good read and I did enjoy it. BOOK DISCUSSION:

1) How far would you go to protect a family member?

I know it's the typical answer just about everybody gives - but I would do anything to protect one of my siblings or parents. God instilled in human's the desire to protect those dearest to us, and often it doesn't matter how much it'll cost - we want to keep our loved-ones safe.

2) Jacob' is bitter about his brother's death, and it affects his relationship with his family. How might you react in a similar situation?

In some ways, I could understand Jacob's bitterness. But, since I am not a guy, I didn't understand or sympathize in the way he took out his anger and bitterness on his family. He nearly destroyed all that remained dear to him because he wallowed in bitterness. I am not sure exactly how I would react if I was in Jacob's shoes - though if I was behaving how Jacob was, I hope someone would come up and slap me to wake me up to my many mistakes!

3) Should Alex have told Danika from the beginning about his friendship with Toby? How might his doing so have changed the trajectory of their relationship?

Yes, I believe he should have. Danika needed someone to trust and confide in, and she thought she found that person in Alex. When she found out he'd known her husband before his death, she was instantly on the defensive - wondering what else Alex might be hiding. If he had told her from the very beginning that he knew her husband, she wouldn't have react the way she did when she found it out later on in their friendship. It's always best to be open and honest with your friends - it saves a lot of heartache that could come about later on!

That's it for today! Leave a comment with your thoughts or questions about Sworn to Protect! Come back on Wednesday for more discussions!!

~ Katy


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Great post Katy! SO glad to have my writing companion back. :-D

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