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When a young woman stumbles out of the Hanalei Mountains on the island of Kauai with no memory of who she is or how she got there, Cameron Pierce reluctantly agrees to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding her arrival. As pieces begin to fall into place, he suspects her injuries were no accident, but he's far from convinced she's an innocent victim. And there's that nagging feeling he's seen her somewhere before.... Now known as Jade, the woman begins to recall fragments of what led her to this place, and she realizes the danger isn't over. Jade and the cynical Hawaiian investigator attempt to reconstruct the threads of her identity, but the stakes are far higher than either expected.

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First off, let me say that this book was pretty interesting for about the first 200 pages. After that, it was kinda boring. It started off as a pretty clean book, but by the end I was bored with the story and the dull plot. Not only did more inappropriate content enter the book toward the end(as the two main characters fell deeper in love), but the story just, well, died. In my opinion, the book was too long and had way too much romance in it for comfort. What started out as a fairly good book ended in pure disappointment.

There are so many things to point out in this book, I don't even know where to begin. Aside from adultery, a woman being mentioned "sexy" while in a bikini with a tshirt over it, accusations of a false affair between a teenaged boy and a woman that took place and a picture doctored to try to prove it(not described, just mentioned) and some other suggestive remarks, there was little restraint of in the romance and though they both knew that they could get carried away sometimes(though never immorally) they still got themselves into situations where they were both tempted, though they claimed Christianity. I was VERY disappointed with the lack of prudence in the main characters. Another thing was that near the end the girl is kidnapped and fears being raped. She never is, but there is a scene where the man walks into the bathroom half asleep and relieves himself while shes tied to the pipes. It says she turns her head away, though, but the scene was not necessary, as all of the above was not.
This book was on the brink of being put down, and if some of the sentences at the end were instead in the middle, I would have put it down in fear of it getting worse. It was extremely close. The only reason I finished was because I had a strange desire to review it, and wanted to make sure the review was to it's fullest.

I can't really find anything positive to say about this book. It was not as thematic as it could have been and the content made the book a tough read - I surprised myself by not putting it down because of it's boringness.  This book will not remain on my shelf.


Amber Holcomb said...


Thank you for your honest review. I have seen this book at the bookstore before and glanced through it. It seemed interesting, but I'm relieved now that I decided not to buy it. It doesn't sound like a very edifying read. I'm sorry it was so disappointing. :(


misskallie2000 said...

Thank you for your honest review. This book sounded interesting but after read your review I think I will put this one on hold and maybe get from Library at a later date.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I am glad my review is helpful! Thanks for commenting!

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