Book Review - Treasures Of The North

Hey! Kait here - Katy just returned from her trip and is recuperating today! So she should be up and posting again soon! :-) But for now, here is Thursday's book review:

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Could They Fulfill Their Dreams in this Untamed Land?

Driven by desperation, Grace Hawkins must forsake the affluent comfort of her upbringing to save herself from an arranged marriage. Disillusioned by her father's insistence, she forges a daring plan to escape the sinister hand of her intended.

Peter Colton sees the Alaskan gold rush as an opportunity to establish his family's fledgling shipping business. An unexpected partnership enables him to pursue those dreams and opens the door to an aquaintance with Grace, who has purchased passage north.

Drawn together by need and circumstance, Grace and Peter form a faltering friendship. But when her deserted fiance continues to manipulate her loved ones, can she find peace in the wake of his wrath?

Treasures of the North was extremely entertaining and an exceptional read! Not only was the story charming and the plot well laid out, but it was a unique story and easy to understand. I really enjoyed reading about Grace and Karen as they traveled north in hope of escaping Grace's cruel fiance.  They meet Captain Peter Colton on their travel to Alaska and form a a friendship. As time goes by, Grace and Peter grow closer, but will Martin Paxton, Grace's old fiance, ruin their dreams?

This book was pretty clean all around. It is a bit lovey dovey at times and there are several kisses and suggestive remarks, but nothing too bad or overly inappropriate. As the story goes, Grace doesn't plan on marrying Peter until he accepts God as the leader in his life. I was a bit disappointed that she allowed him to kiss her when he had not yet made the decision, but this was just a minor fault. There was a part where a man hit a women after she slapped him for trying to kiss her more fervently than he should have, as they were not yet married. But it is majorly frowned upon and a very small part of the book. That was the only reason it received 4 stars in the Violence category. Overall, it was a good story for middle-aged teens and adults.

Treasures of the North was another success for Tracie Peterson! The quest for gold in Alaska is a very interesting topic and I loved reading about it. If you're looking for a good romance with a hint of adventure thrown into it, this would be a good read for you! It was exciting and almost suspenseful when waiting to see what Paxton had up his sleeve next and how Grace, Peter, and Karen would retaliate. Purchase Treasures of the North today for only $10!


Renee Ann said...

Tracie Peterson's such a talented author. Sounds like another good read.

Amber Holcomb said...

Oh, I remember reading this series when I was in elementary school/junior high! I LOVED it--it certainly drew me in and kept my attention, especially this particular book! :D


Unknown said...

I love this book. I was excited to find your review on it because I am putting together a webpage about Christian Fiction for women and I have featured a link to your review. You can see your link here: in the section about Alaska/Yukon fiction.

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