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Hey all! Hope your weekend went well. Can't beleive another week has already come and gone. Wow, day's seem to go by SO fast recently! Today I am going to be doing a short book discussion on Roseanna White's new release, Jewel of Persia, and I hope you all will join in with your thoughts on the book, favorite scenes, most touching moments, etc. :-) Remember, a discussion only can happen when people join in to talk. And what better to talk about then BOOKS! :-D

Jewel of PersiaSo! Jewel of Persia. Have you read it? No? *gasp* Go read it!! Yes? Oh, good! I'm glad you're not missing out. If your curious as to what I thought about the book, please know I gave it 5 BIG stars and posted a review, which you can read HERE. (But just to tell you up front, I spend around 500 words just raving about how much I liked it! :-P)

Back on track! We like to point out some of our favorite parts for the book discussion. Hmm...I'm trying to think...because just about the WHOLE book was amazing and touching! :-) Hmm....

Well, one part I really enjoyed reading (and even stopped to go back and savor the moment) was when Kasia was brought to the king that first night. That scene was SO well written and touching! When I came to the end of the chapter, I just stopped for a moment and sighed. How sweet! Right then I knew I'd cheer for Xerxes, even though (because of some research I'd done not too long ago) I knew how bloody and violent the king was. Kasia was a perfect wife for him. He changed with her...seemed like a completely different was so sweet.

I know we usually only point out our favorite parts...but what often makes a book or author so good is when they can evoke emotions out of us just from reading the story--both happy and sad emotions. One of the most depressing moments in the book was when Xerxes sent Kasia back in anger. I wanted to cry! I was like "No, Xerxes! Don't do that! You need her!" LOL! :-) I felt myself mourning the loss of their relationship along with Kasia and I can't tell you how excited and thrilled I was as I watched their relationship rebuilt. I was dancing in my heart! "Yes! Y'all are meant for each other!!"
Well, I've babbled on long enough. What about you? What was your favorite scene in Jewel of Persia? Most touching? Sad? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the book and have some fun talking about all the sweet, funny, sad, touching, tender, suspenseful, tear-jerking parts in Roseanna's AWESOME book!


Roseanna White said...

One thing I had a lot of fun with was figuring out how to make sense of some of Xerxes's nonsensical commands, LOL. Like the time he infamously ordered a river lashed and manacled. Um, hello! Insanity! After talking it through with my hubby, we decided to make it a joke--one Kasia warned him would get him labeled as crazy. ;-) Other things he did required a lot more delicacy, but that just forced me to deepen all the characters.

And Katy, I love that scene when he sends her home, too! Oh, the image of that torc hitting the dust . . .

Katie Marie said...

Oh yes! I'd forgotten about that part, but it did make me laugh! I was like "seriously? How, exactly, are they supposed to do that?" Haha!

I know! I loved how much meaning that torc had in the book. Very special! :-)

Charity U said...

I loved it too. :) Favorite scene? Hard to say. The whole thing was so awesome! But I know I was totally involved with it. Made me smile, my heart fly, frown, etc. Was definitely all caught up in it.

Anyone else: if you haven't read it, you need to. :)

Katie Marie said...

I know, those were my thoughts exactly when I began writing this post. It was hard to think of just one or two parts that I really liked. I savored the whole book! :-)

Awesome advice! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I haven't read this one yet. I might just add it to my TBR list, though!

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