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Good Saturday morning, all! Well, you know the drill! ;-) Below is the list of books I've read over the last two weeks. Enjoy perusing and be on the lookout for links to my blog, so you can read my full review of the book. :-)

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and BackWell, while on vacation my grandmother gave me Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo to read. It was a small book and so made for an easy, quick read. It was pretty interesting, reading everything this little boy, just 4 years old, went through. And the things he said years after his emergency surgery were amazing. It really makes you stop and think. I've heard stories of these, where someone seems to die and gets a glimpse of heaven. Very sobering and eye opening.

Over the Edge: A NovelOn the drive home I read Brandilyn Collin's new, and very personal, book, Over the Edge. Wow, was that an amazing read! As I read, it felt so personal. At the end, when I read the author's notes, I found out that she used many of her personal experience with Lyme's Disease in this book. I could tell. The way she wrote...I could tell she'd felt what Janesse was going through, experienced her helplessness, pain, and frustration. Before reading Over the Edge I didn't know anything about Lymes. This book is most definitely an eye-opener. And not only that, it is a tense suspense adventure as well as Janessa tries to figure out who gave her Lymes and keep him from infecting her daughter. Read my review HERE.

Chasing Sunsets: A Cedar Key Novel 
Deciding to pick up a more calm read after my grand adventure, I started Chasing Sunsets by Eva Marie Everson. This is the first I've read by her. I usually don't care for contemporary romance novels--I'm more into historical and suspense--but it was a nice break and I loved the laid-back style of the book, though the emotional pull and lessons portrayed through this story was amazing. You can read my review, where I go into more detail of my likes and dislikes, HERE.

Indelible: A Novel 
A book tour for Kristen Heitzmann's new book, Indelible, was fast approaching, so I chose to read that one next. I've only read one other book by Kristen, but so far I am really liking her as a unique and unusual suspense writer. This book did not disappoint in the least. It's the second book about the people of Redford, so I was a bit confused about some of the history with the secondary characters, but that was my only complaint. Very great read! You can read my full review HERE.

Spring for Susannah 
Finishing that book I had another blog tour on Saturday for Catherine Richmond's debut novel, Spring for Susannah. I began it before bed and ended up staying up till the very wee hours reading. I really liked Susannah's husband, Jesse. When I reached the halfway mark and Jesse left, I started to loose interest a little, but I kept reading until the end where a sweet and happy ending awaited. Very nice read. My review can be read HERE.

Daughter of Silk 
After that I picked up Daughter of Silk by Linda Lee Chaikin. I still have to write a review for this book, but I really enjoyed it. A lot of historical detail, I loved the court intrigue. Reading about Rachelle's experience as a lady in waiting to the princess was interesting. She's so innocent to the double-crossing, seductions, and spies, I loved it how Fabien watched out for her and protected her. Definitely a great read with a lot of historical detail that I really enjoyed.

Saint Bartholomew's Eve A Tale of the Huguenot WarS
I'd begun Saint Bartholomew's Eve by G.A. Henty a while back and picked it up on a Sunday to finished up. It was my second time reading this book, but I always love reading Henty's books. All his books are FULL of historical detail and even though it might get long-winded at times, I've never learned to such from a historical fiction book as when I read his. :-) Reading about Philip's adventures during the Huguenot war was really interesting. Sobering to read what persecution Christian's have gone through in the past.

Highland Blessings
I recently participated in a bookswap and got Highland Blessings by Jennifer Hudson Taylor out of the deal. I was excited! It's a reread for me, but I love revisiting books I enjoyed. I haven't read many books that takes place in Scotland, and loved every minute I spent in the book. I loved how the author stayed so true to the accent. Makes it so unique and memorable! Hudson is coming out with her second book this year, and I cannot wait!

The Blackberry Bush 
Next on my list to read and review was David Housholder's new book, The Blackberry Bush. You can read my full review of the book HERE, but I enjoyed this interesting and unique story. The writing was engaging and very different then what I usually read, which I found refreshing and took me deeper into the character's lives.

Scattered Petals: A Novel (Texas Dreams)

Scattered Petals is another book I got out of the bookswap and another book I've read in the past. The second book in Amanda Cabot's Texas Dream series, I really enjoyed this adventure. Almost instantly I connected to and sympathized with Priscilla. And Zach was awesome! The way he stepped in to protect Priscilla was wonderful...what a guy! lol Definitely one book that will be staying on my bookshelf!

Surrender the Heart (Surrender to Destiny)

I was surprised to see no books that needed reviews in the next few days (lol!), I decided to grab a book I won in a giveaway several months ago, Surrender the Heart by MaryLu Tyndall. Wow! Was it good! I loved every second I spent in the book and found it very hard to put down. Marianne and Noah made a great hero and heroine and I loved the high-sea adventure. Wonderful book that I highly recommend!

Surrender the Night (Surrender to Destiny) 
Well, after I finished that I just HAD to read MaryLu's next book in the series, Surrender the Night...and was just as enthralled! Sympathy for Rose and appreciation for Alex's gentle way around her endeared me to these two. I was really glad to see Alex's story carry on to this book, and was so pleased with the outcome (I knew he wasn't all bad!). MaryLu wrote another awesome adventure (and this one, surprisingly, not on the high-seas!). I look forward to the next, and last, book in the series!

So...that's my list of books I've read over the past two weeks. What have you been reading recently?


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