Book Discussion - To Win Her Heart

Howdy readers! Today I am happy to present you with a Book Discussion based off of Karen Witemeyer's newest release, To Win Her Heart! :)

Witemeyer's books always have sweet and humorous moments in them - a trait that granted her admittance onto my Favorite Authors list! ;)

I absolutely loved this book! Both of the characters were lovable and well written out - I couldn't help but enjoying them! The whole book was amazing, teaching great lessons about forgiveness and not judging one another. Each page was such a joy a read!

To Win Her HeartSo it has been really hard for me to choose my favorite scene from To Win Her Heart - all of them were awesome! - but after much contemplation I have reached a conclusion...sort of.

There were two scenes I favored, both amusing and bringing a smile to my face. First, the scene where Levi first goes to the library while Eden is reading to the kids and also the scene where Levi meets her father. They both made me chuckle!

So, what about you? What was your favorite scene in To Win Her Heart? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the book and have some fun talking about all the funny and sweet parts in Karen's book!


Courtney said...

Both of the scenes you mentioned are great! Two that stood out to me were when Eden has run off to her property of wildflowers because of what happened when she took in the young girl and then Levi knew where to find her - such a touching moment!!
I also thought the scene where she walked in to his blacksmith shop and saw him w/o his shirt and Eden broke down when she saw the scars on his back!!

I'm a sucker for the sad and heartfelt moments like those and those scenes were very touching!

Unknown said...

Courtney - oh yes; the part where she sees his scars was really touching! Great point!!

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