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I've read this book twice in the last year and just recently purchased it - and I don't purchase books very all. So that's saying something! I immensely enjoyed the tale of Allison; a young woman who fears she will never marry because of her tomboy-ish-ness.

Allison Troyer is old enough for marriage, but since her mother died when she was young and her aunt who came to stay with them refuses to let her help in the kitchen, Allison has no skills at a homemaker and fears no man will ever fall in love with her because of her tomboy-ish-ness. When Allison is sent to her mother's sister's house hundreds of miles away in Missouri to learn how to be a proper homemaker, she meets young and rash James Esh, and quiet yet caring Aaron Zook. James Esh likes Allison immediately, but can he win her affections even with his wild and brash personality? Aaron notices James' interest, and fears for Allison's heart and safety, though he's known her for only a few days. Although he's promised himself never to fall in love, can Aaron control his feelings before he finds himself hopelessly in love with this young beauty? Both are after Allison's heart...but only one will succeed.

I love the story of Allison and her life. It was unique and a very pleasurable read. I really enjoyed this book because though it was a romance, it was not an extreme romance. At all. I've noticed many Amish books are like that, which I think is why I like them so much. The Amish culture is very neat to read and learn about. They way they live is quite charming and almost makes me jealous. I've thought on more than one occasion that it would be neat to be Amish.

This book easily got 5 stars in the romance rating as the only romantic actions were a kiss, from a flirtatious young lad whose actions are frowned upon greatly, and an "almost kiss" which ended up not happening because they tipped over their boat and fell out. The rest was done in a Godly and honorable courtship, which I personally liked.

Allison's Journey was a very good story and I would encourage you to read it! You can get it for less than $10 HERE! You will not regret picking up this heart warming book!


Renee said...

You girls both keep tempting me to spend money on books with your reviews. When someone else loves a book, I'm always interested in checking it out!

Unknown said...

Renee - Haha that's great! Might I point out to you - there's a place called Paper Back Swap where you can trade the books you've already read for other books with the other members! Perhaps you have already joined, but if you haven't we have a link on our sidebar and we will even get extra credits if you sign up through us! It's free, too. :-)
Yes we are the same way! We are always trading books back and forth because we like the exact same type of books. :) Books are addictive!

- Kait

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